The queen of the day of death after spoiling is not at home.

The queen of the day of death after spoiling is not at home.The queen of the day of death after spoiling is not at home.

Her heart contracted violently as if it had been chiseled by a heavy hammer, and the blood began to rush from her heart to her limbs and bones. She desperately opened her eyes wide to search for the figure of the little spirit among the broken limbs and bones. They were all people, dead people, one on top of the other, missing arms and legs. Those people were greatly tortured before they died, and it seems that they were tortured to extract confessions. And at this time, she finally saw the little spirit. Her eyes widened and she stared at the little spirit at this moment. She suddenly recalled her previous conversation with Xiao Linger. She praised Xiao Linger for her beauty and said that Xiao Linger must be a charming beauty when she grew up. At that time, Xiao Linger smiled and her black and moist eyes were shining. She asked her if she really said so. But now the little spirit, will never become a charming beauty. She was only eleven or twelve years old, but what kind of torture did she suffer in this slaughterhouse to become like this? There was a fire in Ah Yan's chest, which almost exploded. She turned over and dismounted stiffly, and ran directly to Xiao Linger's side, regardless of the number of surprised eyes around her. She took off her robe, wrapped her broken body, and picked her up and hugged her tightly. Small spirit son unexpectedly still has a breath, she seems to feel a little temperature, desperate and scattered eyes slightly raised, then saw two eyes red inkstone. Her tattered and bleeding lips burst into a smile, wriggling with difficulty, and then she uttered a hoarse murmur like a small beast: "Brother Gu.." I'm going to die. "I'm sorry,x56 line pipe, Xiao Ling. I'm late. I'll save you. I'll protect you. You won't die.." But Xiao Linger shook her head with difficulty and said with a weak breath, "Brother Gu, live well." I don't believe in the afterlife. You in the afterlife.. You wouldn't be who you are now. I, I feel so good that I saw you before I died. After saying this with difficulty, she tilted her head and hung her head feebly with a broken smile on her lips. Little Linger! A Yan roared hoarsely, shook her desperately, and shivered to feel her pulse, but to no avail. She is a miracle doctor,uns s32750 sheet, and can rob people with the King of Hell, but she can not save the little spirit. Because Xiao Linger's body was so broken that no embroidery lady could mend it. When a Yan was holding Xiao Linger, the Beidi people around him came up one by one. They recognized Ah Yan as a woman and showed a hungry light. Chapter 109 I hope we will never meet again in the next life. Yan raised her head and looked at this group of vicious Beidi people. Her eyes flashed with crazy colors, and her throat gave out a kind of neigh similar to that of an animal. Just as the Beidi people were about to rush over, she went crazy and picked up a blood-stained broadsword beside her and rushed back into the Beidi people to kill them. She has been a general and a bandit, and she has also killed people. Her red eyes were round, and she looked at the group of people who were worse than animals and hissed: "I can die, I have died so many times, and I can continue to die!"! But why did you let her die? Why did you let her die! She is dead, even if reincarnated, she is not now the little spirit! Not any more! The group of Beidi people were overwhelmed by her crazy momentum at the beginning, and even retreated unconsciously, but in the end it was the murderous Beidi army, when they reacted, uns s31803 sheet ,347 stainless steel, they began to gather in the direction of a Yan to fight back. Kill her! Some North Di soldiers gnashed their teeth and said so. But as soon as the man had finished speaking, a sword was thrust straight into his forehead, and before he could even react, he looked into the distance with his eyes wide open, and then fell straight and stiff. The next thing, people saw a black-robed man fell from the sky like a God, holding the crazy woman in his arms, and then looked down at the group of North Di soldiers with cold eyes. Everybody is stupefied at first, understand very quickly later come over, the crowd sends out to shout, have frightened also have excited: "Xiao Duo, this is Xiao Duo!"! Kill Xiao Duo! "Catch him alive, catch him alive!" All kinds of voices came from the crowd, around the north di soldiers gave up chasing those innocent people, have surrounded, to capture Xiao Duo. Hunting cold wind blowing, Xiao Duo stood in the middle of the crowd, angular face with a trace of softness, bowed his head, he whispered in her ear: "I will kill them, kill all the people, revenge for you, revenge for your little spirit." But a Yan's crazy eyes stared at him, and when he recognized him, he pushed him aside: "You go, you go away, I hate you, I hate you!"! I hate myself, too. I hate everyone! If it wasn't for you, if it wasn't for me, this world wouldn't be like this, she wouldn't die, Xiao Linger shouldn't have died! Xiao Duo listened to these words, he did not speak, but raised his hand, pressed her head, let her lean on his chest. When he raised his eyes again, his eyes swept over the thousands of troops that surrounded Beidi. The thin lips raised a contemptuous smile. He raised his eyebrows and said coldly, "All of you, you will not see the sun tomorrow." One of the Beidi people with a big beard stood out and said, "Xiao Duo, you have a big tone.". Today we have exhausted the strength of the whole army, and we must capture you alive. When the beard finished saying this, his eyes swept to the inkstone in Xiao Duo's arms. After the blue eyes moved slightly, he stopped looking at the inkstone. Military orders are like mountains. He wants to capture or kill Xiao Duo. Other people, he can't take care of. Xiao Duo raised his eyebrows and his eyes were cold. He held the inkstone in one hand and raised the sword in the other. The tip of the cold sword was still dripping with bright red blood. At this time,316 stainless steel plate, he suddenly remembered the firewood, the man who was his servant and actually instructed him in swordsmanship. Chai Huo said, All the swordsmanship I know comes from a great swordsman. All the swords in the world must obey his orders. All the swordsmanship in the world is inherited from him.