The general is so charming.

The general is so charming.The general is so charming.The general is so charming.The general is so charming.

All right, I'll help you. Lin Jing looked at him, the sunset that was about to sink into the top of the mountain shone on Pei Jingxing's young and handsome face, making him shine, "I'll help you set Ganzhou, do you believe I have the ability?" "Ha ha, I said, you said you could tear people with your bare hands, and I believed it." They looked at each other, and from each other's eyes, they saw the firmness they had never seen before. Young and high-spirited, dare to compete with the champion Hou, and win the title of Wolf Ju Xu! That's crazy. However, if you can't even think about it, what will you be? What kind of soldiers do you lead? At that moment, not far away, laughter suddenly came from the top of the camp building. Somebody says aloud intentionally: "Alas, you say this pair of brother and sister affection can be really good, do not be a pair of little lovers that run away to elope!" Another person also exclaims: "Look at this affectionate appearance, ah Yo Yo, I also want to be looked at by the little lady so." Lin Jing hid behind Pei Jingxing and secretly looked at the building. Heli mountain complex terrain, only an entrance, can not see how big the camp,ultrasonic handheld welder, but experienced people, but through the height of the tower, to calculate the size of the camp. With the height of the two towers at the gate, and considering that they lived in units of households, Lin Jing speculated that the camp should be larger than the barracks they garrisoned in Ganzhou, and that the builders probably had a plan at the beginning. They are now just one shot away from the walled city, this is the distance to show sincerity, if there is a change,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, the top sentry can shoot at any time, so the two men will not hear their conversation, just misunderstood their actions. "I'll make a mistake," whispered Lin Ching. Pei Jingxing replied in a loud voice, "I came up the mountain to give my sister a good life. If I have a chance, we can drink together." "All right!" "Happy man!" When Wang Liman came out, he unexpectedly saw Pei Jingxing having a hot relationship with the two sentinels. Instead, Lin Jing stood on one side with her head hanging down, as if she were very shy. In fact, she was so bored that she almost counted the wool on the sheep. Come with me. The Stronghold Leader wants to see you. He smiled apologetically and shook out two cloth bags, each covering one. "Men have to be searched, but women don't." Pei Jingxing was carefully pinched by Wang Liman, and one person went to check the package on the back of the sheep. After the search, Pei Jingxing took the stick from Wang Liman with one hand and pulled Lin Jing with the other. Lin Jing helpless, did not expect this village Lord there are so many damage, she will hold the rope of two sheep in her hand, ultrasonic extraction cbd ,ultrasonic molten metal, the other hand touched Pei Jingxing. Her body temperature was cold, and she was held by a warm hand, which made her feel a little uncomfortable. Pei Jingxing's hand was still empty at first, but when he started to walk, he ignored everything, and he held her hand tightly. For a moment, both of them realized that they had really entered the bandits' nest. It was dark in front of us, and the unknown danger was far more terrible than the mountain of knives and the sea of fire. If we were frightened by this situation, no one would be exposed. Lin Jing's index finger wrote in his palm, the first time afraid he did not understand, wrote several times in a row, until Pei Jingxing's hand shook slightly, she did not stop. She wrote, "Oh." Starting from the gate of the village, the ground under their feet became harder and harder. They gradually began to climb the slope. In the middle of the walk, they turned left and went in. Wang Liman stopped, pushed them into a room, and then pulled down the cloth bag covering them from behind. Pei Jingxing immediately turned around to protect Lin Jing. He turned his head and turned pale. "What on earth do you want to do?" He said warily. It's not really a mountain bandit! Lin Jing exhaled a breath, she was really afraid that Pei Jingxing was still a fearless look, although the performance now is somewhat exaggerated, somehow in line with the performance of an ordinary person. There was only a young man dressed in animal skins in the room. He didn't have the fierce spirit of a mountain bandit, but his eyes were like wolves staring at them. You are not farmers. He must be authentic. "Are they from the government?" Wang Liman exclaimed. "It depends on whether they tell the truth," sneered the Stronghold Leader. ” Pei Jingxing looked back at Lin Jing. His hand slowly moved to his belt. There was a soft sword close to his body. Lin Jing pressed him hurriedly and shouted, "Sanlang, just tell the truth. The Stronghold Leader will believe us!" The sound of "Sanlang" was so powerful that Pei Jingxing suddenly stiffened into a statue. Lin Jing could not count on him. She bit her lower lip and crossed him and said to the Stronghold Leader, "The Stronghold Leader has a good eye. We are not farmers, nor brothers and sisters. We are.. Escaped. The story of Lin Jing can be summed up briefly in one sentence. The husband of a wealthy family, who was beaten by a stick, eloped with the daughter of an escort. Because he had no household registration, he could only go into the mountains as a bandit. Before the story is not this version, but two people brother and sister feeling is too bad, Lin Jing temporarily changed one, somehow let them this body fine skin tender meat has a reasonable explanation. Pei Jingxing's lips quickly flashed a smile, and then he immediately took Lin Jing's hand and put it on his chest. "Sister Jing," he said, "I said I wouldn't let you down, so I'll be able to do it. It's nothing to be a bandit. I'll never go back!" Lin Jing was so called by him, almost from head to foot, goose bumps layer upon layer, almost to kick him out. She lowered her head and resisted the impulse, but outsiders thought she was moved. Lin Jing squeezed out a sentence for a long time: "Sanlang, I understand your heart, we will never be separated." Pei Jingxing's hand stiffened, and he was about to get goose bumps all over. Lin Jing is proud, come on, hurt each other! Stronghold Lord may also feel hot eyes, he rubbed his forehead, tone finally not so stiff, said: "Since to our Kunlun Stronghold, we should tell the truth, do these have no.." Wang Liman,ultrasonic dispersing machine, take them to the west to find a tent to settle down and tell them the rules. "Get the order." "Do you two have any special skills?" Pei Jingxing said shyly, "I can write, and I can learn from her." Lin Jing:.. I learned it from my Aye. Stronghold Leader: "No wonder you can come to Ganzhou. You have the ability to defend yourself. Go down. I will make arrangements later." 。