Treasure Flag and Jade Flute-Cao Ruobing _ txt Novel Paradise

Treasure Flag and Jade Flute-Cao Ruobing _ txt Novel ParadiseTreasure Flag and Jade Flute-Cao Ruobing _ txt Novel Paradise

Ouyang Zhao glanced at the three of them like lightning. He gave a sudden laugh and said, "I didn't expect that one of the nine major sects in Wulin today, a disciple of the magnificent Tianshan Sect, is also such a disgraceful pustule. He is afraid of death and has no backbone. He really loses the face of a decent family!" Then he laughed again, and as soon as the laughter fell, his handsome face became cold and contemptuous. Tianshan Three Swords has become famous in Jianghu since its debut. It can be said that it has never lost such a face in more than 20 years. The three martial brothers, because Ouyang Zhao's skill in martial arts was really too high, they thought they were no match for him, so they took the opportunity to slip away and returned to Tianshan Mountain to report to the master. They mobilized the masters in the faction to deal with it with all their strength and eliminate the curse of this powerful enemy. At this point, three people have fully understood that if you want to live away from the local tonight, unless you cut yourself off. However, if you really cut yourself off, will Tianmo Fairy let them go? Is that a problem? He Zhu, how can they look so cowardly, afraid of death, and have no backbone in front of so many good martial arts players? Suddenly, an idea flashed through the minds of the three of them. "Are you alive or dead tonight?" They asked? Anyway, it is beyond the power of one's own martial brothers. It is better to try your best to fight with the other side than to be humiliated and lose face and become cowardly. Three people in the heart such a thought, immediately steel teeth dark bite, the heart a horizontal. As soon as Ouyang Zhao's voice fell, the three of them roared fiercely. "Little dog," they shouted, "I'm going to fight with you tonight." The three long swords, like mad tigers,65 inch smart board, thrust out with all their might. The two sides stood opposite each other, only five feet apart, and three long swords suddenly thrust out. This situation was really alarming. However, Ouyang Zhao has long been on guard in the dark, beware of their desperate move. As soon as the three long swords burst out, they heard Ouyang Zhao shout, "You deserve it!" In the sound of shouting, the treasure flag waved steeply, and a whirlwind suddenly rose. Whirlwind eight flag move,interactive panels for education, this move is broad and profound, the power is amazing, not to mention in Ouyang Zhao has long been ready to alert under the hand, of course, its power is more powerful. Only heard a shrill scream, three brothers, in this move, none of them can escape the bad luck, the body immediately all by the power of the flag wind, shock to fly from the ground, fell several feet away, mouth crazy spray blood, on the spot. Qingcheng Liudao and Tianshan Sanjian are all famous swordsmen in Jianghu today. Under Ouyang Zhao, they are so vulnerable to a single blow. Five together, failed to get out of four strokes, then ended up three dead and two wounded, Tianshan three swords three swords together, smartboards in classrooms ,classroom interactive whiteboard, only between one move, immediately dead on the spot. The power of such a flag move, it is too terrible, Qunhao witnessed, one by one in the heart can not help but be shocked to the extreme, looking at Ouyang Zhao tongue-tied, stunned. Qunhao saw Ouyang Zhao kill seven masters of Qingcheng and Tianshan factions. Although he felt that Ouyang Zhao was too ruthless, no one spoke and accused him of being ruthless and wrong. Of course, this is because Ouyang Zhao has already revealed his identity. Fifteen years ago, he was the son of Ouyang Dan and his wife, who were besieged and killed by more than a hundred master disciples of Emei, Qingcheng, Kunlun, Huashan, Qionglai, Tianshan and Kongtong. As a son, to avenge the blood of his parents, although the hands are ruthless, who can say that it is wrong? What's more, Ouyang Dan was a great swordsman who was famous all over the world at that time. The seven sects joined together to kill him and his wife. This incident caused a sensation in the martial arts world at that time, and many martial arts figures were very dissatisfied with the behavior of the seven schools. However, this dissatisfaction is only in the heart, but no one dares to openly express, because the power of the seven schools is too big, who would like to ask for trouble? But why did the people of the seven sects unite to kill Ouyang Dan and his wife? Not only does no one in the martial arts world know, but even the people in the seven sects, except the master, do not know the truth. Wudang Yichen Taoist saw that Ouyang Zhao was so ruthless. Although he could not say that Ouyang Zhao was wrong, he was a kind-hearted man after all. He could not bear to see such a bloody tragedy. Slowly, he glanced at the four swords and seven corpses lying on the ground. He frowned slightly and coughed. He looked at Ouyang Zhao and said, "Almsgiver Ouyang, I have two words to advise you. I wonder if you can see me?" Ouyang Zhao smiled and said, "Don't mention it, Taoist Priest. I'm all ears." The Taoist Priest Yichen hesitated a little, and Zhengrong said, "Blood for blood. This sentence seems to have become an eternal idiom in the martial arts world. The benefactor bears an implacable blood feud. He pays for his blood with his blood. He does his best to avenge his parents in the way of the son of man. It is not appropriate for the poor to talk too much, but.." This is the virtue of God's love of life, and the benefactor's way of revenge, which kills people, is not in favor of it. Ouyang Zhao asked, "What does the Taoist mean?" The Taoist Priest Yichen said, "I would like to advise you, benefactor, to spare the place and spare the people. Show a little mercy to your subordinates. Don't kill too much and kill too much." Ouyang Zhao said with a smile, "Does the Taoist want me to forgive these enemies who killed my parents?" The Taoist Priest Yichen said, "I just want to advise the benefactor not to commit crimes." Ouyang Zhao burst out laughing and said, "Don't you think that's a bit self-contradictory?" The Taoist Priest Yichen was stunned. He looked at Ouyang Zhao and asked, "How is it self-contradictory?" Ouyang Zhao looked at the Taoist Priest Yichen and asked with a smile, "Didn't the Taoist Priest just say that I avenge my parents and pay for my blood with my blood, which is the filial piety of the son of man?" Taoist Yichen nodded and said, "Not bad." Ouyang Zhao added, "So there's nothing wrong with avenging my parents?" "No," the Taoist replied. Ouyang Zhao laughed loudly and said, "Then the Taoist Priest wants to forgive the enemy who killed his parents. What he said before and after is completely the opposite. Isn't this self-contradictory?" When the Taoist Priest heard this,electronic board for classroom, he suddenly understood what Ouyang Zhao meant. He smiled and looked at Ouyang Zhao and said, "The contradiction that the benefactor refers to is not unreasonable. However, the benefactor should understand that there were hundreds of people who participated in the siege of your father's hall.." 。