Song Feng -This was also the difficulty in Wang Jinghui's heart.

Instead, Wang Jinghui struggled to get the imperial guards to teach him. This was also the difficulty in Wang Jinghui's heart.

"Then again, if Wang Gaizhi had no knowledge, how could he persuade the emperor to support him, and how could he argue that Sima Junshi and Wang Jiefu had nothing to say today?"? It is not entirely useless to question the scriptures in the past, but it is also a good story to be able to use history and Buddha to argue about the two of you today. The ministers around him thought silently in their hearts. For a long time, Wang Jinghui has been the God of wealth for some of them. What he has mastered is only the economy, and what is more, he is just a poet. Today's brief quarrel has given them new insights. But the son-in-law should be kind to the captives. Wang Anshi's heart was somewhat absent and his speech was somewhat disorganized, but he believed in Buddhism and still wanted to persuade each other. Thanks to Wang Xiang for his advice, but the students have made up their minds. How do the enemies of the Song Dynasty treat the people of the Song Dynasty? This cabinet will treat them even more! This is a matter of state. In order that future generations can avoid this disaster in the future, students are always willing to offend, if they can avoid the recurrence of the disaster of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms. Jing Hui is therefore sent by heaven to do it, Wang Xiang, Mr. Junshi and all the adults are offended! With that, Wang Jinghui got on the bus and went home alone, leaving everyone in a daze. Wang Jinghui always spoke kindly and never expressed his identity,heavy duty metal racks, unlike other officials who claimed to be officials. Even the goldfish bag given by the emperor was not taken with him, so that he was like an ordinary scholar, but everyone noticed that this time he used the word "Ben Ge" for the first time in his words-the emperor's son-in-law or the straight scholar of the Great Song Longtu Ge. The debate at the palace gate soon spread word for word to the emperor Zhao Yi. In the emperor's own territory, there were many chamberlains around when people were talking, and the protagonists were the most popular son-in-law, Sima Guang and Wang Anshi. Naturally, there would be chamberlains who liked to be lively to report the matter to the emperor. Emperor Zhao Xu had already changed his dragon robe and held Zhao Xi in his arms. After hearing this,heavy duty cantilever racks, he could not help but keep silent and look at the child. He glanced at the memorial to the throne of the emperor's son-in-law on the desk. Half a day did not speak, unexpectedly Leng for a long time, even in the bosom of the small Zhao Xi repeatedly pulled the collar did not notice, after a long time before sighing, what words did not say, just put down the child in the bosom, alone to the Deoksugung Palace overlord Zhao Shu there. After Wang Jinghui wrote a letter to Han Qi, he asked Grandfather Zhao to transcribe one-as he slowly went deep into the top decision-making level of the Song Dynasty. The letters and memorials in his hands were also selectively separated and transcribed by his wife and father-in-law Zhao. His wife, Princess Long of Shu, was gentle and virtuous. It was better not to let her know some things, so as not to add to his troubles. He hoped that his relatives could live carefree and not worry about him, mobile racking systems ,push back racking system, and he did not want to see his relatives hurt. After Grandfather Zhao copied the letter, he gave it to his son-in-law to look over. Apart from some words and sentences that had been deeply processed by the old eunuch, the whole letter not only maintained its original meaning, but also had a little more literary grace. After seeing the letter, even Wang Jinghui himself felt a little ashamed. He was also the Number One Scholar in the Song Dynasty, and the article was not as well written as the eunuch. I guess I will be laughed off by the people in Shihlin, right?! "Father-in-law's handwriting is good!"! But I'm sorry to bother my father-in-law every time! Wang Jinghui looked at the letter and had a brainwave. He pretended to be as usual and said casually. I dare not. My son-in-law is the Number One Scholar of the Song Dynasty. Naturally, the article is very good. The old slave is just polishing it. Thanks to my son-in-law's praise! Grandfather Zhao, as always, said in a flat tone that if he put it in the ears of others, the son-in-law's words would be a bit like banishment, but in his heart he knew that this was only the reason for the son-in-law's words. Although father-in-law Zhao claimed to be an "old slave", absolutely no one in Wang Jinghui's son-in-law mansion dared to look down on the old eunuch. The royal guard house, which was responsible for guarding the son-in-law mansion, came from the imperial guards around the emperor. In the military system of the Song Dynasty, it was equivalent to the troops directly under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of later generations. It was the head of the guard house who was born in this way that saw father-in-law Zhao as if he had seen a ghost. There was never a guard around the study, and the son-in-law's housekeeper did not even have the right to step into the study, because the old lady was in charge of the study. Grandfather Zhao was also the only servant in the emperor's son-in-law's mansion who was not surnamed Wang except the hostess, Princess Shu. Although there was a tradition of servants following the surname of the head of the family in this era, Wang Jinghui could not bear to see such a tradition. In addition, Grandfather Zhao was once a person around Emperor Renzong, or the brother of the manager around Mrs. Cao in Huishou Palace, and also the brother of the current manager. So he always called Grandfather Zhao's family name. Grandfather Zhao laughed. "Your literary talent is better than mine. It's not a shameful thing. But my father-in-law is old. I'll ask the emperor for a Chamberlain some day. I can follow him to take care of his daily life. Besides, I can learn some real skills from him and share some chores." Wang Jinghui said with a smile. Grandfather Zhao still has a lot of ideas for Wang Jinghui, such as the old woman's martial arts, and he is very clear about his own material. Just because of the transformation of time and space in the fate of their own small gifts, in addition to not sure against such a master Zhao father-in-law will win, the most important thing is that there is no way to copy their own force. The emperor's son-in-law had martial arts, which Grandfather Zhao knew, but it made the old eunuch very depressed for a long time. He couldn't understand how a man without internal martial arts could have such terrible power. Finally, they can only simply return to the position of "Tianshou". In the eyes of Grandfather Zhao, the martial arts learned by the children around the emperor's son-in-law were not worth mentioning at all. He wondered why the emperor's son-in-law did not teach the children himself. Instead, Wang Jinghui struggled to get the imperial guards to teach him. This was also the difficulty in Wang Jinghui's heart. He was afraid that the old woman was supervising the martial arts of losing children and grandchildren, such as the Sunflower Treasure Book written by Jin Daxia of later generations. This was really wrong for the old eunuch, so he wanted the old eunuch to teach a few more students to inherit the mantle. Wang Jinghui is absolutely not opposed to the side of the master, it is best to strengthen the company, but that is obviously impossible. At the very least, I can't let the old eunuch's martial arts become extinct after him,industrial racking systems, which is true, but the most important thing is that it also helps to eliminate the royal suspicion of him-I absolutely do not object to having royal people around me, but the more the better!.