I heard I was crossed.

Qiao Yinfeng felt that there was no lack of intrigue in the palace, and he didn't want Aqi to go back.

Lin Ching-wu thought, "But you can't say it clearly about the blind date. If Hsiao Ching-lan's younger sister doesn't take a fancy to her eldest brother, or if her eldest brother doesn't take a fancy to her, it won't be very pleasant to say.". I was thinking of finding an excuse to take my eldest brother out for a walk. At that time, Miss Xiao and her younger sister pretended to meet by chance and chatted a few words on the bridge. If the two of them chatted congenially, they would take a walk together and have a meal. If not, they would exchange a few words and then leave. Dad, what do you think? Father Lin nodded. "Just do as you say." On the day of Lin Qingchuan's rest, Lin Qingwu went to the Lin family to find him, saying that he wanted him to accompany him to the street market and learn about the current business situation. She said, if Shen Muyou is at home, let him accompany, but now Shen Muyou do not know when to come back, can only let him do this eldest brother with her. Lin Qingchuan agreed without much thought. The two of them walked all the way, strolling and chatting. When they reached the bridge, Lin Qingwu saw that Xiao Jinglan had not yet arrived, so he used the excuse that he was tired of walking and leaned on the bridge for a rest. After a while, Xiao Jinglan came late, holding a little girl of seven or eight years old in her hand. Lin Qingwu was stunned on the spot. What about introducing your sister to Lin Qingchuan? Although this younger sister is a younger sister,aluminium edge trim, is she too young? It's against the law to marry a young girl. Xiao Jinglan took his sister by the hand and greeted Lin Qingwu and Lin Qingchuan. Lin Qingwu called him aside and asked him in a low voice, "What's the matter?"? How old is your sister? Xiao Jinglan said apologetically, "Originally, there was a younger sister of the right age at home. After I asked her yesterday, I knew that she already had someone she liked. In this case, I naturally couldn't bring her here again.". But I have promised you in advance, it is not good to break the appointment,tile trim factory, so I have to find another sister to fill the number temporarily. Why don't you let your brother wait a few more years and marry my sister when she grows up? Lin Ching-wu laughed and said, "Wait a few more years. How old is your sister? How old is my brother?"? My brother can't eat the tender grass no matter what. "It's my fault that I didn't understand it clearly at first." Two people are saying a word, on the bridge head come suddenly one cries: "Sell ice-sugar gourds cough up!" Sell UNK1 cough up! Then the little girl's clear and crisp voice sounded: "Uncle, I want to eat ice-sugar gourds." Lin Ching-wu and Hsiao Ching-lan followed the sound and watched as their little sister pointed to the man selling ice-sugar gourds and asked for ice-sugar gourds. Lin Qingchuan stopped the man and asked her, "How many do you want?" "Two, thank you, uncle." Lin Qingchuan paid for it and handed it to her. Lin Qingwu turned his head and said to Xiao Jinglan, "You brought your sister to eat ice-sugar gourds." Another world. Zhao's mother recently found that her daughter had committed suicide. More than once, she saw her daughter try to touch the electric door, hit the south wall, walk without looking at the traffic lights, and stand in the yard with an iron bar in the rain when it thundered. As a result, he caught himself with a fever. Mother Zhao asked her, aluminium tile trim profiles ,stainless tile trim, "Is it because of poor grades?"? Is it because your mother puts too much pressure on you? Zhao Luoluo was burning in a daze and muttered, "I have to go back, or I'll leave a mess for Qingwu and Xiao Jinglan. They certainly don't know how to clean it up." Zhao Mu sees a daughter so, tearful picked up a phone: "Hello, is bughouse?" The author has something to say: too much work recently, the update is a bit unstable, please forgive me. Thanks to the little angels for blowing up the mines, throwing the nutrient solution, and giving me the inspiration to touch the switch. Haha, thank you. 、047 It has been almost two months since Shen Muyou went out to suppress bandits. Today, he finally sent a letter home, saying that the bandit suppression went smoothly and that he would return in a few days. Lin Qingwu held the letter happily for a long time. The business of the grain line is also stable, because the cloth line of the fragrant snow bud has been playing the sign of Xiao Jinglan, the business has not been bad. Today, Xiangxueya looks much better and has a much stronger temper than before. In her spare time, she no longer cries and complains about her hard life, but likes to talk to her about the way of doing business. Now the Chinese New Year is coming, every family is busy hoarding New Year's goods, cutting cloth to make new clothes, and let Xiangxueya busy for a long time. She told Lin Qingwu that she wanted to go back to her hometown to visit her parents during the Spring Festival. Since she got married, she seldom went home. She didn't have a good time, and she didn't want her family to know. Now that her husband is gone, she especially misses her parents when she is alone, so she decides to go back to spend the New Year with the two elders this year. After seeing off the fragrant snow bud, Lin Qingwu also began to prepare for the Spring Festival, thinking that if Shen Muyou could come back before the New Year, it would be best for the family to have a reunion. I wonder where Zhao Luoluo spent the Spring Festival? Lin Qingwu went back to explain the situation to his father because Xiao Jinglan took his eight-year-old sister on a blind date. In addition, Xiao Youcheng, who had been demoted before, was reinstated. The gap between the Xiao family and the Lin family was too big. Lin's father had to give up the idea and asked a matchmaker to find another girl suitable for Lin Qingchuan. Qiao Yinfeng stayed in the capital for some time and then left. Before he left, Jin Wangshu talked to him and asked him if he would like Aqi to go back to the palace. It happened that Lin Ching-wu was also there at that time, so he sat down to discuss the issue together. Qiao Yinfeng felt that there was no lack of intrigue in the palace, and he didn't want Aqi to go back. But Jin Wangshu said that if Aqi did not return to the palace, the suffering of Qiao Liangren would not be redressed. Jin Wangshu said, "The Empress Dowager has found out some clues. Qiao Liangren suffered a lot before she gave birth to Aqi, so that she died after she gave birth to Aqi. You don't want to let the person who hurt your sister get away with it, do you?" Qiao Yinfeng asked her, "Did the queen mother find out who hurt my sister?" Jin Wangshu did not dare to speak out rashly, so he asked in reply, "Where did you find out?" Qiao Yinfeng is a man in Jianghu. He doesn't have so many twists and turns. Without thinking too much, he said, "I found out where Liu Guifei is." When Jin Wangshu heard the name of Concubine Liu,metal trim manufacturers, he said, "The Empress Dowager also found the head of Concubine Liu. I guess it was about the same time that Concubines Liu and Qiao Liangren were pregnant. At that time, Concubines Liu deliberately went to make friends with Qiao Liangren for the sake of the baby in Qiao Liangren's belly." "For the sake of the children?" 。 jecatrims.com