Cao Thief -You can't go with him

The luxuriant yellow flower forest in the past has been turned into ruins.

Geng Lin wanted to look for an opportunity to remind Geng Qing. Unexpectedly, without waiting for him to find the opportunity, the Shikui incident happened. If this matter is not handled properly, it is likely to cause great turbulence, but it is not what Geng Lin would like to see. Father, the boy is willing to go to the Red Water Camp! Thinking of this, Geng Lin stood up and pleaded for his life. Geng Jun also said, "Father, I would like to go with my eldest brother." Chapter 422 the heavenly army is mighty. Geng Lin will never let Geng Jun go with him. Geng Jun's firecracker temper is absolutely the master of one point. And the object he was going to see this time was not as easy to deal with as he seemed. Cao Peng is also very proud, and since he dares to send troops, more make such a big noise. Burning Huanghualin? Do you really think he burned Huanghualin for Shi Kui? Absolutely impossible! He is knocking on the mountain and shaking the tiger. I just did! I not only beat Shi Kui, but also let all of you Hongze people know. According to the news of the scouts' report, Shi Kui was killed by Cao Peng face to face, and then he put his head on public display. If he just to avenge the dozens of Han army, there is no need to mobilize, the yellow flower forest a fire. Cao Peng is bound not to be as low-key as before. Now that he has decided to make a high profile, he will not put up with it. If Geng Jun goes. Success is not enough, failure is more than enough! Therefore, Geng Lin will never agree. However, it is impossible for him to refuse so straightforwardly,outdoor whirlpool, otherwise he will lose his title of "scholar". Dad, Jun can't go. "Why?" Geng Lin said with a wry smile, "If Cao Peng kills Shi Kui, he may not give up.". In case he thinks that what Shi Kui did was his father behind his back. Dad, don't forget, at least in name, that Shi Kui is under our command. The child went this time because he wanted to find out about the situation and have face-to-face contact with Cao Peng. If Cao Peng fell out and I went with Xiaojun, wouldn't it be dangerous? The child heard that Cao Peng was a famous scholar in the Central Plains,outdoor endless pool, and the child had read books, at least he could save his life. But if Xiaojun goes, if he gets angry, it won't be easy to come back. These words touched Geng Qing. Yes, the two children have passed, that Cao Peng to fall out, is not. "Xiao Jun, you stay!" "Dad, I don't believe that Cao's child." Geng Jun, of course, would not be convinced and shouted loudly. Geng Qing said angrily, "You said before that the children of the Cao family didn't have the courage.". But they destroyed the Shi Kui clan in front of us. This kind of person is the most difficult to deal with. Your brother is knowledgeable and reasonable. It's easy to associate with him. You can't go with him. "Brother." Geng Jun wants Geng Lin to stand up for him. But Geng Lin shook his head and patted him on the shoulder. "Jun, listen to Dad and stay at home.". In case of a fight, you can still charge into battle and protect the tribe carefully. I can't compare with you, jacuzzi manufacturers ,hot tub spa manufacturers, so I'll go to the red water. Geng Jun's eyes were red. "Brother, if that child of the Cao family dares to embarrass you, I will not forgive him." Geng Qing said, "Dalin, when are you leaving?" Geng Lin smiled and took a look at Ou Tuo. "Now that it's already bright, it's not too late. The boy is leaving now." "Then go early and come back early." …… Speaking of it, Geng Jun is really good to his brother. Although he could not go with him, he gave his beloved horse, Qingcong, to Geng Lin. This green horse is a good horse of BMW. When Liang yuanbi had not yet betrayed Hongze, he presented Dou Lan with ten first-class horses from the Western Regions. The Geng family always supported Dou Lan, so Dou Lan chose two of the ten horses and gave them to Geng Qing. One of them is now Geng Qing's horse, named Pulsatilla. It was a black horse with bright fur, but there was a tuft of white hair on the top of its head, which was very handsome. The other was a green horse, which was given to Geng Jun. Geng Jun's love for this horse was like a treasure. In his opinion, it was very dangerous for his elder brother to go to Hongshui Camp, so he lent the green horse to Geng Lin. Geng Lin laughed to himself, but he was also quite moved by his brother's intention. When he was ready, Geng Lin mounted his horse and led fifty tribal warriors to the Red Water Camp. At the same time, Geng Qing ordered all of them to enter a state of readiness. He ordered Geng Lin to take his calligraphy and rush to Hongshuiji immediately to tell Dou Lan about the Huanghualin incident. It is impossible to hide this matter. How could other tribes not see such a big fire in Huanghualin? It won't be long before someone comes to ask. But is war or and, must be the consent of Dou Lan. After all, the tribal integration has begun, how many military forces can be drawn out? It's still unknown. Geng Qing is also a little nervous, after all, he is closest to the Red Water Camp. When Dou Lan arranged him here, he was quite happy. After all, the territory is large, the population is large, and Muyuan is also very good, which is a very good arrangement. But now, Geng Qing feels the pressure. Hongshui Camp is too close to his Outuo, in case of conflict. Hopefully, Dalin can stabilize Cao Peng for a while. Chen set out at that time, and Geng Lin arrived at Huanghualin. The luxuriant yellow flower forest in the past has been turned into ruins. The blackened trees, still emitting black smoke, and the remnants of fire in many places, seemed to indicate that there had been a very fierce battle here yesterday. The wormwood has been burned out. Maybe next year, when the spring breeze is over, it will come back to life. But the yellow flower forest is gone forever, perhaps a hundred years later, no one will remember that there was a lush forest here. At the edge of the ruins, Geng Lin couldn't help sighing. The autumn wind passed by, with a trace of chill, with the scene of depression in front of him, Geng Lin could not help but stimulate the spirit to hit an inexplicable cold cicada. Is it true that none of them are left? Among the accompanying warriors,Chinese spa manufacturer, there were scouts who came to probe last night. Hearing Geng Lin's question, the scout hurriedly stepped forward and whispered, "None of them were left. They were all killed..".