Conquer the Kingdom of Heaven

The Roman soldiers also roared back to their general, and then the entire Roman legion of the right wing, like an oar pushed by a huge arm, went head-on to kill the Conians as they rushed up the slope.

Everything had become worse and worse, and Theodore could even feel the wavering atmosphere of the soldiers around him, and as for the soldiers in the front, they had become a small boat that had been blown apart in the vast ocean. When the following cavalry of the Konians finally went around to the right flank of the Roman legions, they were surprised to find that the Romans, who should have had no time to turn around, had retreated ahead of time, and even a group of Roman soldiers had become directly facing the west, and next to them was a long wall leading to the distant village of St Chihibe. The long wall was originally built by the villagers of the village in the early years to stop the bandits that might appear. Although it has been in disrepair for so many years, it has become the key to help the Romans stop the Konian cavalry at this time. It was for this reason that the Conians finally had to face the Roman legions head-on, and the great power that their cavalry should have exerted seemed to be caught at this time, and the left wing of the Conians began to make frantic attacks again and again against the Romans who were firmly defending their own lines against the terrain. Theodor's sword-wielding arm was numb, and the most dangerous time a Konian even cut him on the shoulder, although the blade immediately slid down the shoulder, but the pain even made him almost throw away his weapon. At that moment, Theodore believed that he was going to die. He saw the machete that the Konian had raised again. He even saw the face that he thought might be the last one he saw in his life. But two rushing Roman soldiers saved Theodore's life, and the Conian had only time to laugh for the first time at the head of a Roman general he was about to cut off, and then his neck and abdomen were pierced by sharp spears, and his body twitched, even before he could shout. The Konian had been thrown into the midst of the enemy who had rushed up behind him. But not because of the sudden danger back, he pushed away the QinBing trying to block in front of him,brushed stainless steel sheet, in a loud shout, he grabbed a long knife on the ground of a Konian, accompanied by the cry of courage, he took only a dozen QinBing toward the opposite side. The action of the viceroy's general no doubt inspired the soldiers who were beginning to waver. They raised their weapons, formed in a disorderly but gradually stable formation, and pushed side by side against the enemy who was trying to climb the slope under the urging of a wave of marching horns. In an instant, the line that had been shaken was stabilized again, and the Konians were pushed down the slope in an instant. But the real horror did not end. As the Romans tried their best to drive the Conians down the slope in front of them again, the soldiers who had not yet had time to breathe out heard a horn that frightened them. It was the signal for the Konians to attack again, and the Roman soldiers groaned with despair at the dark crowd that came from across the open field. It was a Konian infantry of about ten thousand people, although as a nation galloping on the prairie, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,304 stainless steel wire, almost all of the Konians were good on horseback, but they still couldn't make all the soldiers become knights, except for the most elite cavalry, these infantry became the strength of the Konians to attack the castle, whenever they launched a war. These infantrymen will follow the cavalry to squeeze into the torn holes in the enemy's line, and then spread in all directions like a flood of broken dikes, until the enemy's line is completely torn apart. Looking at the Konians, Theodore seemed to smell death at this moment, knowing that he no longer had the strength to stop the enemy coming like a black tide, and looking at the Konians who seemed to have become very excited because they were exhausted, which should have led to a slow advance until the end of the attack. Theodore crossed himself, and the soldiers beside him crossed themselves involuntarily. They are making their final confession, and at this moment all religious rituals have become unimportant, whether it is the confession presided over by the Patriarch himself or the simple action without a word, which becomes extremely sacred at this moment, because they are about to face the final judgment before death. Theodore couldn't help but look both ways, and what he saw on the faces of the Roman soldiers was the same look as he did, which was completely ready to face death. Listening to the tidal cry from the opposite Conian, Theodore grasped the hilt of his knife with both hands and burst into a loud roar: "God bless Rome." "God bless you." The Roman soldiers also roared back to their general, and then the entire Roman legion of the right wing, like an oar pushed by a huge arm, went head-on to kill the Conians as they rushed up the slope. Anoy heard the roar from the right wing of the Romans, and he could imagine the admirable courage of the Romans in their final battle, and he could not help but be surprised that his entire right wing of the Roman legion had rushed down the slope, which finally made him exclaim with approval. He did not know who the Roman general was, but he felt that if he could capture the man, he must know him well. At such a moment, it was only a matter of time before it was broken through, and Anoy believed that the Roman general must be very aware of all this. Perhaps when the first wave of impact began, the Roman legions might be submerged in the ensuing wave of Konya, that is, at such a time, the Roman general did not continue to defend, but completely opened his hands and feet to attack the enemy several times more than them, which can not help but make Anoy feel sincere admiration. But everything seemed to be doomed,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, and when he saw that the guards in the center of the Romans were gathering more and more in the middle, and were even about to form a huge square, Anoy smiled with relief.