Overbearing President Spoils Little Stupid Wife

Lei Xiang does not agree with the idea of the dark night, always feel that the dark night is like a machine, cold, completely not a person, perhaps now he is really suitable to go to the temple to practice

In the end, the dark night choked, they are all living on the edge of the knife, the only emotional sustenance, is Long Shenghao, once Long Shenghao has a chance, he can not imagine what his people will do. Dark night is not an emotional person, just about Long Shenghao, he can not calm, if not has been strong, he may cry. Chapter 97 Long Shenghao is missing. Dark night, let Szeto three people are silent, thought he would know a little, the result did not think, dark night know not much, Long Shenghao so mysterious, must be a very dangerous thing, otherwise he would not be like this. But this is also more in line with Long Shenghao's character, he is like this, encounter life-threatening things, always do not want them to intervene, that is, do not want them to be in danger, usually Long Shenghao looks indifferent, but as long as he is in the heart of the people, he will be very concerned about, care about all their safety, there is danger, he will be the first. Second brother, what should I do? I'm afraid. Is something wrong with Hao? Bai Xingshu whole person decadently sat on the chair, he did not know what to do, Long Shenghao's safety, now simply can not determine, where he is in the end! Not to mention Bai Xingshu, even Szeto Yue did not know what to do, the dark alliance can not find people, how can they find? "No matter, continue to look for,teardrop pallet racking, I do not believe that I can not find, as long as people are alive, we can find, and as long as the other side has a plan, we will not let him have an accident." Lei Xiang clenched his fist and looked serious. He didn't believe Long Shenghao would die. As long as you don't give up, there will be hope, Long Shenghao is also hovering on the edge of life and death many times, he is all right, so this time, he will certainly be all right, Bai Xingshu has a premonition that Long Shenghao is still alive. After four people discussed, decided to use all the strength to find the whereabouts of Long Shenghao, must find him. Suddenly, Bai Xingshu thought of an important question,heavy duty metal racking, that is, Shen Nuo, Shen Nuo is still waiting for the news of Long Shenghao. You say, I want to tell Xiao Nuo the news of Hao, I think, this is not the way to hide, today is Xiao Nuo telephone contact me, I just found Hao no news, now Xiao Nuo must be very anxious. Bai Xingshu asked the other two people, as for the dark night, he did not want to ask him, after all, the dark night and Shen Nuo do not know. Szeto frowned, he also forgot, there is a Shen Nuo in the country, that is Long Shenghao's biggest concern, but how do they tell Shen Nuo? Now Long Shenghao can't see anyone alive or dead. How can he explain to her so that she doesn't have to worry? It's up to you. Hao is not here. You are the one who takes the lead. You can deal with it as you say. Lei Xiang looked at Szeto more seriously, he did not have a better way, do not know what to do in the end now. Hey, it's better to tell her the truth. I'll let Jingjing and Roya accompany Xiao Nuo in the past, so that she won't think too much about her own problems. It's better to tell the truth than to hide it from her, not tell her anything, and let her think about it at home alone. Otherwise, if Xiao Nuo gets out of trouble, I'm afraid she'll do something. Szeto Yue had no choice but to do so. Bai Xingshu nodded, a face of agreement, metal racking systems ,push back racking system, "Well, that's the decision, I also think, this is better, I first go out to call Xiao Nuo, you see, what other ways to find Hao." Several others nodded and let Bai Xingshu go out to make a phone call, which was probably the best decision. After Bai Xingshu went out, the dark night asked Szeto Yue, "Szeto, Xiao Nuo, is it Shen Nuo?"? Is it the person who was asked to check the whereabouts with the ERP system last time? Is she the most important person in the Lord? "Yes, Xiao Nuo is a very good girl, clean and transparent, is an angel in his dark world, a bad thing happened some time ago, but it was finally proved to be Oolong, when it happened, Hao almost collapsed, especially when Xiao Nuo committed suicide, I have never seen such Hao, let me feel that he is so strange." I finally know that he is a man of flesh and blood. Szeto Yue opened his mouth in a vague way, with mixed feelings in his heart for a moment. Dark night but frowned, "by rights, this is the Lord's private affairs, I should not say anything, I am not qualified to say anything, but you do not think?"? Although the Lord has become flesh and blood, more importantly, he has also become dangerous, you do not forget, there is a concern, there is a weakness, for a person who once pinned his head on his belt, even after two years of clean life, but his enemies and enemies, will not let him go, then, the first to be hurt. It must be the person he cares about most. Under such circumstances, do you still think Shen Nuo's existence is good? "Night, your words are not right, these things, after all, are Hao's things, even if he needs to bear what, it is also his own choice, I think, as long as he chooses his own way, is right, people live a lifetime, what is more meaningful than following their hearts?" Lei Xiang does not agree with the idea of the dark night, always feel that the dark night is like a machine, cold, completely not a person, perhaps now he is really suitable to go to the temple to practice. I have no other meaning, I am just afraid, because of this weakness, but the Lord has something to do, if his enemies, know his weakness, use this to threaten him, then, I am afraid the Lord will not be too good, you know, the Lord has never been weak, but more than two years ago, the Lord had a weakness, that is, Shen Nuo, I hope this time he will come back safely. Whether he has weaknesses or not, he is the master of the dark alliance, and he is worth my life to protect. Said the night softly. Although his voice is very light, but Szeto and Lei Xiang know his seriousness, but also understand the mood of the dark night, after all, their mood is the same, otherwise they would not have sincerely accepted Shen Nuo. On the other side, at home, inside Long's villa, Shen Nuo sat absently on the windowsill of the bay window. Every time she had something on her mind, she liked to sit here and watch the scenery. Although,industrial racking systems, in fact, in this huge villa area, there was no scenery at all. kingmoreracking.com