I wore it five thousand years too early.

Taoist robe has gone, Han Wanshan seems to have turned on the switch. His mouth has never been heard of.

"It's good to understand." Shen Weilan nodded, feeling that he could not do everything himself in the future, and that some of them should be left to his disciples to do. I have no experience in teaching, so I will write these down and pay attention to them in the future. But the matter of the white swan is also very urgent, after all, it is related to his life. Shen Weilan pondered for a while and remembered Changle Daojun's letter, in which he wrote that in addition to the spirit beasts that flew up with him, the others were put into the five States, of course, most of them were in the Tianxing Mountains. But there seems to be a few of them in the North State, but I don't know how they are now. The life span of the demon clan is longer than that of human beings. Human beings can live for ten thousand years. There are more demon clans. Changle Daojun rose fifty thousand years ago. The demon cultivation left by him should still live in the Tibetan source world. Shen Weilan said the matter, and sure enough, Han Zhaoshan's complexion eased a little. Then Shen Weilan postponed the time to go down the mountain, found out the spirit beast and demon repair that had not been placed in Beizhou in those years, wrote down their race, and taught Han Zhaoshan the method left by Changle Daojun, so that he could go to Beizhou to explore the way by himself, and wait for him to come back for the rest. Han Zhaoshan went down the mountain. Before he went down the mountain, he apologized to Shen Weilan and other disciples in a sincere tone. Everyone knew that he was excusable this time, so he forgave him. On the second day after Han Zhao went down the mountain, Shen Weilan and Zhang Shenyu also went down the mountain. Tianxingzong has no source of information in the Tibetan source world,Mechanical fine screen, so Shen Weilan is going to go to Yanhuimen first to understand the current situation of the Tibetan source world, and then make other plans. Before her departure, she had already submitted a letter of worship and made an appointment to visit her five days later. Yanhuishan and Tianxingzong, one south and one north, the imperial sword has been flying forward, do not worry about getting lost. Three days later, Shen Weilan and his two disciples came to Yanhui Mountain. They rested for a day and went up the mountain on time the next day. Elder Martial Sister Weilan, you're here at last. They were greeted by Zhou Zizhen,Wall Penstocks, and Ye Yiqing had not come back yet. Younger Martial Sister Zhou, this visit is to ask for help. Subsequently, Shen Weilan expressed his need for the status quo of the Tibetan source world, Zhou Zizhen listened, patted his chest, and said that it was a trivial matter, needless to say. After that, he opened his mouth to introduce. Since the Demon Elimination Conference was held to form the Zhengdao Alliance, the Five States Zhengdao really United this time. After they left their disciples to defend the mountain gate, many monks, one state after another, began to exterminate the demons. The first to start is the north state, north state because of the demon clan too much, but the magic repair at least, from the north state began to exterminate the magic repair can make a good start, rapid sand filters ,Lamella Plate Settler, but also to boost the morale of the people. Last month, I got the news that all the magic repairs in Beizhou had been wiped out, and the occasional omission of one or two could not become a climate. Now the Zhengdao coalition forces have entered Dongzhou and are beginning to confront Dongzhou Moxiu. This is the most famous news in the Tibetan source world now, and the monks in the five States are paying close attention to the news of the Zhengdao Allied Forces. Dongzhou. After listening, Shen Weilan nodded and continued to ask: "Sister Zhou, is there anything else?" Zhou Zizhen thought for a moment, "er." A magic stone mine was discovered in Xizhou, and several large casual repair organizations in Xizhou fought with each other. The most famous thing in Zhongzhou is that the Evergreen Sect has been attacked twice. Elder Martial Sister Weilan also knows that the clan of Linshui Sword Pavilion is also on fire. Everyone wants to know where the clan that hurt the Evergreen Sect is now. It is said that the Evergreen Sect sent two Taishang elders to pursue him, but only one of them was seriously injured. When the elder sobered up, he said that the other Taishang elder had fallen, and that it was a powerful reincarnated disciple of Linshui Sword Pavilion who had awakened the memory of his past life that caused his fall. It's the reincarnation of great power again. Counting this, I know there are three of them. There is also a spirit who has been robbed. What's wrong recently. Shen Weilan frowned slightly when she heard the news. I remember that the two supreme elders were all in the period of robbery. Can't they fight together? Shen Weilan is a little strange, this is the period of robbery. Zhou Zizhen shook his head, "but I can't beat her. It is said that the awakened one is also in the period of robbery, and her fighting capacity is better.". Moreover, coincidentally, this person was also a disciple of Linshui Sword Pavilion in his previous life. By the way, Elder Martial Sister Weilan, you had a fight with her. Su Tinglan, you remember. Is that her? Shen Weilan remembered that he was the first to suspect this person, originally thought that she had hidden the strength, did not expect to cross the robbery and wait for your reincarnation. "Right, Dongzhou is now a battlefield, but a few months ago also spread the news of the birth of Wuling Secret Land, but I don't know if it's true or not.". And North State, North State. Zhou Zi said with great interest, Shen Weilan nodded and listened, while secretly writing down these, ready to go back and study where to take his apprentice. —— "Finally left, really, very not easy to come to the north state to meet the right path crusade, bad luck." Han Wanshan chattered endlessly. He had not recovered his original cultivation. He was affected in the battle and was injured. Now he is healing. All right, shut up and you just heal. Mo Huan really scolded. She hasn't said much since her husband died. Now that the old man in Taoist robe has gone, Han Wanshan seems to have turned on the switch. His mouth has never been heard of. It's really noisy. I really don't know how he practiced to the level of Taoist king. Hum Han Wanshan did not dare to provoke Mo Huan Zhen, and after humming in a low voice to express his dissatisfaction, he stopped talking. At this time, the old man in Taoist robe appeared quietly, but there was no one behind him. Failed? Master Puzhen, the old monk, opened his eyes and wondered if there was no one behind the old man in Taoist robes. She didn't want to leave, but it didn't matter. She had other uses. "There was no anger on the face of the old man in the Taoist robe. Instead, he was smiling." Did you send her to gather information? Master Puzhen was the most knowledgeable of the other three, and from his manner and tone, he knew what he had done this time. Looking at the old monk, the old man nodded, "Yes, when the poor way goes,rotary vacuum disc filters, there are other people around Qingni Taoist friends. Those people don't want to leave, and Qingni Taoist friends don't want to leave either. So it's better to let her walk outside and provide us with some information." "Amitabha, that's very good." The old monk listened to his head and said no more. khnwatertreatment.com