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Hearing the hidden meaning of her words he felt a little better kissed her forehead and listened to her answer

Hearing the hidden meaning of her words he felt a little better kissed her forehead and listened to her answer "What's more from a political point of view I'm not a good candidate for the Crown Princess am I" He sighed lightly "I thought that even an emperor would be self-willed several times in his life" The father willfully gave the world to the mother and the uncle willfully refused to set up the queen for life I have long thought that it is better to be self-willed before regret happens than to be self-willed with regret like them Biochemicals and Pharmaceutical Chemicals Unfortunately my object is you who are more capricious There was a darkness in the tone that could not be concealed Is it not enough that we have been entangled with life deeper than any conjugal alliance in the world As soon as she rolled over and pressed him under her body she bowed her head and kissed him carefully Then what are we There was a trace of perplexity in his eyes like a lonely and lost child She replied softly "We are one" A faint word but the smile finally returned to his face if the warm spring sunshine through time and space tore the cold autumn night Is Ben one It is not love words but it is sweeter than any love words They are one Recently the most popular figure in Beijing in addition to the top three in the triennial examination is the legendary Princess Shaoyin who is unparalleled in China Shaoyin county leader east palace six rate for nearly five years a few days ago also in the imperial guards in the defeat of the imperial guards Yan deputy commander prestige reached an unprecedented height but suddenly at this time resigned from the position of six rate commander and the emperor was happy to allow This is not strange even more strange is that the emperor on the grounds of her hard work promoted her to the title of princess the title of Yilun and gave her a mansion Originally this is also a matter of course strange is strange in a few days will begin to choose the crown prince and she has been recognized as the crown princess has become a princess directly lost the opportunity to enter the East Palace Now there is a lot of rumors outside Some say that Princess Shaoyin no it should be said that Princess Yilun broke up with the prince for some reason and the two have turned against each other Some say that Princess Yilun fell in love with someone else and the prince felt dejected Others say that the prince was abandoned at the beginning of chaos and the emperor took pity on Xu Siyan and comforted her with the position of princess and so on Passed around but there is no speculation close to the truth At this time Xu Siyan was pulling Ling Yun to visit his new mansion which was very close to the Taizheng Palace and sighed at the luxury and delicacy of the house Along the way to the entrance there are carved and painted pillars pavilions and waterside pavilions trees and flowers scattered among them every corner every corridor is elegant and noble Do you like it Ling Yun saw that Xu Siyan was quite excited and asked with a smile She did not hesitate to nod to express her satisfaction "the house has been accepted and the servant will go back" Just transfer all the people from my original place Xu Siyan in the hands of a complex intelligence network a lot of things can not be known so the side can only appoint confidant Ling Yun nodded understandingly "I'll go back and tell my uncle" Unfortunately Chemicals Suppliers I failed to live up to the good intentions of my uncle She smiled sweetly "but the emperor's uncle is really big this time" Does this house belong to the original Wang family Wang Jiaben is also one of the leaders of the aristocratic clan More than ten years ago when Ling Yun's mother suppressed the power of the aristocratic clan on a large scale she was convicted and relegated to the south for some reason and has withered and declined The Wangs seem to have taken part in the examination this time and they seem to have won the Jinshi Ling Yun did not answer the question and did not know what he was thinking Xu Siyan joked "won't you ask me to go back to the house" That's all right If you want to go back you can only live in Ningbi Palace Ling Yun pretended to look forward to it Xu Siyan gave him a funny glance took his hand and comforted him "Don't worry I will go back to the palace as often as before" Besides is it rare for the prince to fall at the gate of this small princess mansion Ling Yun looked at her deeply "you are always the only one who can baffle me" There was a flash of gloom in her eyes and she was speechless After a while he changed the subject and said "Why should the emperor's uncle be promoted to my position" He gazed at her for a long time until she said something else and then sighed "I wanted to give you a more honorable seat but you didn't want it so I had to settle for the second best at least let you not bow to anyone except the emperor" ” "Yun" Some heartache around his waist thousands of words to the mouth only Material Chemicals turned into a sigh In order to become an emperor he could not hold her hand alone She did not want to be his wife because of her willfulness Who can tell who has failed him and who has failed her "Does Jingchu think the rumors outside are credible" Ling Zhen gracefully lowered his head and took a sip of tea avoiding the opposite pair of clear eyes without a trace of emotion which always made people feel that all their thoughts were invisible It's not credible Chunchun's voice sounded a little cold just like the person Ling Zhen nodded as if to convince himself as low "although the witch resigned from the command of the post she was replaced by her loyal follower Qi Shuo" If she and Ling Yun had broken up Ling Yun would never tolerate such an arrangement Speaking of this Ling Zhen frowned and hesitated "just" I couldn't figure out what was going on between them Ling Yun's love for the sorceress is known all over the world Even if she is not willing to make her Crown Princess because of her aristocratic status there is no reason to give up bringing her into the East Palace And with the character of the sorceress Ling Yun so to her she unexpectedly quietly submissive is even more incredible His voice was getting lower and lower and at last he seemed to be talking to himself If two people really turn against each other I don't know if the witch may be used by me The man sitting opposite him had a sneer in his pale brown eyes and turned to look out of the window at the yellow floor The half-bald branches swayed in the cold autumn wind and from time to time a few broken leaves drifted down Unexpectedly the girl's pale and strange face flashed through her mind So discomfited still touching Is it really a scourge She and Ling Yun I'm afraid it's not as others imagine is it In this changeable power field both childhood sweethearts and love between men and women are a little thin and fragile And they can be so tacit and comfortable I wonder if it has anything to do with the forbidden blood flowing in her body globalchemmall.com