Under the Hengmen Gate

Cao Yulin rushed over with Qi Chi on his back. In the dark corner was an empty room, the door of which

Cao Yulin rushed over with Qi Chi on his back. In the dark corner was an empty room, the door of which was half closed, and the knife fell from the body at the door. She picked it up, put it down, and hid inside with her. No more guards came. They must have been held up. I don't know where the voice came from, and it was hard to distinguish the direction. Although Chi Chi didn't understand it, he had heard it several times, and it was still Turkic. What are they talking about? Her voice was as low as it could go. Cao Yulin replied, "Right General Ashina ordered them to make a quick decision." Qi Chi could not help but look at her, because she said this sentence very slowly, as if pressed by some heavy object, with pain. He quickly reached out to pull and saw her with one hand on her chest. Chan, are you hurt again? This situation is similar to that seen in the ancient leaf city. Cao Yulin put his hand on the ground for a long time before saying, "I'm sorry, sister-in-law. I'm afraid I can't protect you again." Qi Chi interrupts her: "Do not say these first, have a good rest, get through this a while to be good." Cao Yulin looked at the knife that had fallen at his feet. He scratched the ground with five fingers and scratched it deeply. "I'm afraid it won't get better." "What?" "My wound is different from what my sister-in-law thought." Cao Yulin hung his head dejectedly and raised his hand: "Now I find that I'm afraid.." I can't hold the knife anymore. Qi Chi was stunned. "Why?" Cao Yulin was silent for a moment, but said something seemingly irrelevant: "I was captured by the Turkic army at the beginning." ※ The fierce battle at the other end did not stop, and the guards dragged the group of Turkic cavalry to attract the defenders. The night was the darkest hour. Several Turkic soldiers scattered like wandering souls, searching everywhere, clutching bright machetes in their hands. Their goal was not to miss anyone who came out of the government office. The carriage that had just ambushed the Dudufu had already sent people to escape, and the rest of the troops went after it, while they were responsible for searching for other fish that had slipped through the net. Scattered and searched for a long time, one of them found a dilapidated courtyard and went there. The courtyard was cluttered, uninhabited, and burned, and it was full of messy things. The man found that there was a place in the corner of the courtyard to cover something. He raised the machete in his hand and went forward to uncover it. Suddenly, there was no movement. His throat was cut by the blade, and he could not even make a sound, so his body fell to the ground. Li Yan took back the dagger in his hand, wiped it twice on the hem of his clothes, then drew back and hugged the swaddling clothes in his arms. He stepped back until there was nowhere to retreat, with his back against the wall, carefully holding his brother in his arms. The little fellow in his arms suddenly moved and made a sound. He was afraid of attracting the pursuers, so he hurriedly handed him his finger to sip. I found it by accident. I must be hungry, so I can calm him down. His fingers were still stained with Turkic blood, but he didn't care. Don't be afraid, don't be afraid. Li Yan murmured unconsciously, perhaps not to his brother who did not understand anything, but to himself. It was the first time he had killed someone, and he was cold all over with blood. But he can't retreat, uncle said, side impact door beams ,Precision Welded pipes, when the accident should be in front of the woman. Even the cruel move just now was taught to him by his uncle. In the past, his aunt always protected him, and this time it was the same. His aunt could protect him with her life, and now he had to protect his aunt's flesh and blood. People can be weak when they are protected, but now they must protect others and can no longer be soft. It's all right. So what if he kills someone? He's a member of the royal family. He's defending his country. It's going to be okay, it's going to be okay. He hugged his brother tightly, grasped the dagger and whispered, "Father's spirit in heaven will protect us." Chapter 73 Qi Chi sat where he was, recovering his strength and looking at Cao Yulin. She said just now that she had been captured by the Turkic army. Is that when your wound was left? Although it was not the time to speak, she asked this sentence, because if it were not so, she would not have mentioned it. Cao Yulin nodded, remembering that he could not see clearly in the dark, and opened his mouth again: "Yes." She moved, like a slow old man, stretched out her hand to the door with difficulty, dragged a corpse and pulled it hard to block the door. Qi Chi looked frightened, but at this moment, he was even more worried about her condition. When Cao Yulin finished this, he leaned beside him and said, "The one who captured me is the right general I just heard, Ashina Jian.." It was the worst battle of the year. The whole territory of eight prefectures and fourteen States were plagued by the plague, and countless soldiers and civilians were killed and wounded. The Turks marched straight in and captured the four States, looted them, and then went deep into the hinterland. Futing led only half of the Turkic troops to hold out, and she was ambushed heavily on her way to support. In order to hold off this force, they could only fight to the end, and in the end, except for those who died, 186 of her living subordinates were also captured. They want to get the military situation out of my mouth, I do not say, in front of me one by one to kill my people. I can only endure and watch. "Less than one night, 186 people.." Finally, it was my turn. Ashina Jian humiliated me as a woman leader and rewarded me to those who tortured and killed my men. When I refused, I took the opportunity to kill one of them, and they all raised their knives to me. Her voice was eerily calm. "Knife after knife.." They said they wanted to keep my shame forever, and they cut Turkic characters on my chest, which were written as Turkic slaves. "Finally, he said that the next day I was still alive, waiting for me to be ravaged by all the Turks, and then.." "Stop it." Qi Chi interrupted her, her voice trembling. "Stop it, Ah Chan." Although she spoke briefly, she could not listen to these few words. Then the third brother came. Qi Chi was stunned. Think of those scenes, and then hear this sentence, like a turn for the better,Cold Drawn Tubes, and even excited. Cao Yulin seemed to be trapped in the memory. He gasped and said, "It was the third elder brother who went into the camp and saved me." I don't remember how many knives she had been stabbed, but I remember that her clothes were broken and she was covered in blood. cbiesautomotive.com