In fact, Nanmu can be relied on

"Change your clothes later. It's so cold here. Don't freeze." Suqi said patiently and gently, her line of sight

"Change your clothes later. It's so cold here. Don't freeze." Suqi said patiently and gently, her line of sight has been falling on Ye Zinan, she can not see through this man, how suddenly changed the day? How did it suddenly become like this between them? He didn't even want to look at her. You don't have to do this, although I don't know what the relationship between you and Tang Bing is, new love or old love, if you really like her, you can tell me, I.. Ye Zinan suddenly threw the brush in his hand on the table, and the ink splashed everywhere. A piece of paper that was about to be written was so dirty that even the cuff of his shirt had a little bit of ink. He looked up at her sharply, the frost in his eyes flying like a knife, and his tone was harsh and sarcastic. "What are you going to do?"? Make room again, right? I'm afraid you don't want to do this Mrs. Ye for a long time. Take this opportunity to get rid of it completely! To live together with your old love! Su Qi's scalp tingled and he had a bad feeling. "What do you mean?" Ye Zinan's lips with a trace of sarcasm, voice cold, "you don't forget, even if you are not Mrs. Ye, he Shen Yanlei is still Shi Ruoqing's fiance!"! If I am willing to let go, the Shih family may not be willing to give up, and you may not be able to be together! Su Qi's brain exploded with a bang, he knew! It turns out he knows everything! Ye Zinan does not seem to intend to let her go so easily, do not know where to pull out a stack of photos thrown in front of her,side impact beams, "not to mention men married women married, you openly so, where is your moral bottom line!"! What have you put me in?! Su Qi silently looked at the photos on the table. Mother Shen still sent him the photo, and he believed it. How could he, such a shrewd man, be so easily taken in? Is his trust in himself so weak? Her heart was so cold that she didn't want to explain at all. Everything in front of her became blurred, and she asked at the outline,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, her voice rising and changing sharply. "What about you?"? Are you so innocent? You haven't known each other for a day or two. Why did you pretend that you didn't know each other when you mentioned Tang Bing last time? You can tell me generously, yes, you're right, I don't want to do this Mrs. Ye for a long time, I'll give it to her! When she finished her last roar, she felt physically and mentally exhausted, her brain was swollen and painful, and she could not say another word. It is said that husband and wife can't say cruel words when they quarrel, because they are familiar with each other and know each other's cover door. When they get angry, every word goes straight to each other's vital point, which is more lethal than ten words from outsiders. They are bloody and scarred. Even if they make up in the future, the scars are still there. She did not know whether she had poked Ye Zinan's vital point, but she knew that every word of Ye Zinan was like a knife mercilessly inserted in her heart, one knife deeper than the other, one knife more ruthless than the other. How could he say that about her? When did she ever want to live with Shen Yanlei? It was obvious that he was tired of her, cold drawn tubes ,side impact beams, but he made a counter-charge. Ye Zinan also laid down his flag and drums, and the two of them stood where they were, with their heads down and their eyes down. Su Qi did not know how long he had stood, but later he could not hold up any longer and sat down on the sofa next to him. In her impression, she had never quarreled with Ye Zinan so fiercely. Her mother taught her that quarreling between husband and wife could not solve any problems, and she always kept in mind that Ye Zinan was not that kind of fiery temper, so they never really broke out such a fierce war. Every time she bickers with Ye Zinan, she always loses, but this time, both sides lose. How did they get like this. This is not what she thought at all. She thought she could ask him jokingly, "Ye Zinan, have you found the woman you love?"? Can I retire with success? Ye Zinan will answer with a smile as usual, "Yes." Then they had a good reunion and broke up with a smile. But why is it like this? Why can't I say a line that I have thought of? Why is my heart tearing like pain? Silence. I don't know when she fell asleep on the sofa, and when she woke up, it was almost dawn, covered with the quilt she had brought to him. She didn't sleep well and had a lot of dreams, but she couldn't remember what they were, and she was very tired. She sat up to see Ye Zinan standing in front of the window, against the light, Su Qi walked behind him, quietly listening to his breathing. He didn't smoke, and there was no smell of tobacco in the room. Su Qi once asked Ye Zinan why he smoked, was it to attract the attention of girls? Ye Zinan laughed and laughed that she had read too many novels. He said he didn't know why. Smoking one or two cigarettes when he was bored could calm him down, and when he was tired, he could relieve his fatigue and refresh himself. As for the reason she said, he never thought about it. At that time, Su Qi thought that he was standing there enough to attract the eyes of girls, where is there any need to do? In the past, when they had a cold war, when he was in trouble, he would put away his usual carelessness and smoke one after another with an expressionless face? It seemed that she really didn't matter to him. Su Qi stood behind him for a long time, only one feeling, calm. If yesterday he was pretending to be calm in front of Ye's father and mother, then now he is really calm, quiet without a trace of waves, so quiet that she is afraid. She now misses the venomous Ye Zinan, the Ye Zinan who would give her a bad smile, the Ye Zi Nan who had a casual smile on her face, or the Ye Zi Nan who flew into a rage last night, whichever one is a thousand times better than the present one. Silence, like a blunt knife, slowly lingchi her heart. Chapter 31 It was a long time before he spoke. Do you remember what day it was? Su Qi was confused and asked foolishly, "which day?" Ye Zinan back to her, she can not see his expression, only to see his shoulders shaking a few times, seems to be laughing. He did not look back,stainless steel tube 304, but pointed to the messy photos on the table with his backhand. Su Qi tried to recall, frowning for a long time, Ye Zinan has been very quiet waiting. She finally remembered. It was their wedding anniversary. Three years of marriage.