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Dong Feiqing said, "Brother Guan, what else is there?" "I must let the girl know about this.." said Guan Shanyue.

Dong Feiqing said, "Brother Guan, what else is there?" "I must let the girl know about this.." said Guan Shanyue. "You must let me know," said Dong Feiqing? Brother Guan, it's. "I must kill the chief police officer," said Guan Shanyue. "Startled, Dong Feiqing shouted," Brother Guan, speak slowly. Guan Shanyue said it again. "Is it because he's taking people to Gaoyou Lake to pick up Brother Guan?" Asked Dong Feiqing. "That's why I have to let the girl know," said Guan Shanyue. "It's not that the girl has saved me from arrest and will kill him when she turns around." Dong Feiqing said, "That's because Guard Shi told Brother Kuan that the chief police officer suspected that the order was true or false. When he came back, he didn't have to submit the order. Instead, he submitted the order. When Lord Taiwan learned that someone had made a fake order with fake handwriting, he was furious and pursued it. It hurt Wen Bin and me." "No," said Guan Shanyue. "No," said Dong Feiqing. "I've come to see the old friend of Poyang," said Guan Shanyue, "to let the old friend of Poyang know that I must kill the chief captor. I didn't know what the girl was talking about until I saw the guard Shi after I arrived." "Why is that, Brother Guan?" Asked Dong Feiqing. "To tell you the truth, miss," said Guan Shanyue, "the chief police officer has a grudge against me." "What do you mean?" Asked Dong Feiqing? The chief police officer has a grudge against Brother Guan? Guan Shanyue held back her grief and anger and said, "Yes." "Didn't Brother Guan mistake you for someone else?" Asked Dong Feiqing. "No,impact beam tubes," said Guan Shanyue. "His name is Jun Tianyi. When he was in Jianghu in his early years, he was called Shenjian. Later, he served as the guard of a palace in the Three Feudatories. He was called Tiewei. San Francisco was withdrawn, and he disappeared. I don't want to meet him in Gaoyou Lake now. I can't go wrong. "How old is Brother Guan this year?" Asked Dong Feiqing. "When did you make enemies with him?" "He and the others killed my godfather when I was fifteen," said Guan Shanyue. "So.." said Dong Feiqing. He also knew that Brother Guan was. "He doesn't know," said Guan Shanyue. "Why didn't Brother Guan kill him for revenge?" Asked Dong Feiqing. "I couldn't kill him at that time," said Guan Shanyue. "He had people with him at that time. Unless I killed them all, I would be charged with killing an official. The world would arrest me, which would be detrimental to my future. I can't hurt innocent people,aluminium coated steel tube, and I have friends at that time, and I can't involve friends. "Yes," said Dong Feiqing, "Brother Guan can't be charged with killing an official. That's a big crime! But if Brother Guan kills him now, won't he also be charged with killing an official? "" No, "said Guan Shanyue." If I kill him now, only the girl knows. "Does Brother Guan believe I won't betray him?" Asked Dong Feiqing. Guan Shanyue did not hesitate: "Yes." Dong Feiqing was excited and said, "Thank you, Brother Guan. I'm satisfied. I have nothing to ask for." "From this moment on," said Guan Shanyue, "I also ask you not to mention me as Guan, or even know me as Guan. Please tell your father and your brother." "Brother Guan," said Dong Feiqing, "is your uncle bringing trouble to the Dong family?" "I can't help it, just in case," said Guan Shanyue. Dong Feiqing said, stainless steel 304 pipes ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, "Sister Yun once told me what happened to Brother Guan. Is that the same thing Brother Guan is telling me now?" "Yes," said Guan Shanyue. Dong Feiqing said, "Brother Guan must kill this enemy. Brother Guan just goes to take revenge. The three of us in the Dong family know what to do." "Miss," said Guan Shanyue, "there are already people in the Yamen of the Governor of Water Transport who know my surname as Guan. I ask you to never mention me again, or even never know me. It's too late to mend the fold after a sheep is lost. I don't know if it's too late. Please take care of me and do it for me. Don't let me hold a grudge one day." "Brother Guan," said Dong Feiqing, "I told you that the three members of the Dong family know what to do." Guan Shanyue will talk about it later. Dong Feiqing said, "I won't let Brother Guan have any regrets, and I won't let Brother Guan have a day of hatred." "Thank you, miss," said Guan Shanyue. ” Dong Feiqing said, "Brother Guan is thinking of the Dong family. I should thank Brother Guan." Guan Shanyue said, "The girl won't let me have any regrets, and she won't let me have a day of hatred. I should thank the girl." "Thank you like this," said Dong Feiqing. "How long will it last?"? It's not easy to meet again, and there's not much time to talk, so don't waste time on it! Brother Guan said that there was more than one enemy. Sister Yun told me the same thing that day. I don't know how many enemies Brother Guan has found. "Even this one," said Guan Shanyue, "there are four." Dong Feiqing hesitated for a moment and said, "Brother Guan, have you heard anything about that girl?" Guan Shanyue, of course, knew who Dong Feiqing was talking about. Her heart sank, but she kept a straight face and said, "Thank you, miss. No." Dong Feiqing took one look at Guan Shanyue and said, "There are still enemies who haven't been found. Don't worry, Brother Guan. There will always be news of that girl." "Thank you, miss," said Guan Shanyue. "I'm not trying to comfort Brother Guan," said Dong Feiqing. "God will bless such a good girl." Not to comfort Guan Shanyue, the girl said this: "What is the taste of the heart, the girl knows.". "Thank you, Miss," said Guan Shanyue again. The more Guan Shanyue thanked, the more uncomfortable the girl felt, and she didn't know what to say for a while. In fact, the girl wants to say a lot of words, too much to say, just do not know what to say, where to say? However, the girl knew that she could never say enough, and she also knew that it was useless to say more, which only added to her sadness. Guan Shanyue said, "Girl, I should leave." Dong Feiqing hurriedly raised his eyes, his mouth moved slightly, and he hesitated to speak. Guan Shanyue added, "Leave the matter to me. Please don't think of a person who comes from Jianghu and goes to Jianghu. After all, he is a Jianghu man. Please cherish Mr. Zhao as a good friend." Words fall, people disappear. Dong Feiqing did not move,precision welded tubes, nor did he speak, but the look on his dimple was indescribable. The "canal" at dusk is golden in the setting sun. In the light of the golden waves, the ships shuttled back and forth from south to north.