Thousand years, thousand years, thousand years.

Wang Zhangyin looked at the scene next to him, and suddenly the expression on his face became gentle.

Wang Zhangyin looked at the scene next to him, and suddenly the expression on his face became gentle. He was fifty years old, and at this moment his face was glowing. For a moment, he seemed to be decades younger. "Don't be afraid, Jing'er," he said to the tearful girl. "He didn't speak. He didn't dare to kill me." Jing nodded timidly, sobbing and sobbing, not knowing whether he had listened or not. Mu Liang saw this scene, suddenly there was a wave of hostility in his heart, he remembered that the empress was estranged from him today, remembered that he would never be able to talk to the empress in the future. As soon as he thought of it, the gloom between his eyebrows deepened a little. Grandfather Wang was keenly aware of it. He looked up and laughed. "Well, even though you have a lot of money and countless sons and grandsons, who likes you as a poor man?". In the end, you are not alone, not even a person to eat, really sad ah, really sad ah ha! Ping Xi was frightened and drank to the factory guard, "Don't stop his mouth and pull it down!" "Yes!" Mu Liang raised his hand and stopped the factory guard who came forward. He looked down at Grandfather Wang, who was kneeling on the ground, and his dark eyes were deep and obscure. Suddenly,collapsible pallet box, he pulled the corners of his mouth, raised a light sneer, and said carelessly, "Really?" Grandfather Wang had a bad feeling, and then saw the man in a black robe turn around, pulled out the sword of the factory guard on the side, and put it on Jing's neck. The light of the sword was cold, and the cold metal stuck to her neck. Jing was so frightened that she knelt down. Grandfather Mu,plastic bulk containers, spare my life! She cried so hard that she couldn't open her eyes, and the blood all over her body seemed to concentrate on her neck, and she felt that her head would fall in the next moment. He said I didn't even have anyone to love me in my life. Muliang turned his wrist gently, and the blade left a red mark on the woman's white neck. Jing'er immediately climbed forward, hugged Muliang's leg and cried, "The maidservant loves the father-in-law, the maidservant begs the father-in-law to pity, begs the father-in-law to ask for the maidservant.." Mu Liang slanted his head and looked at the dull Wang Zhangyin. Look, love or not, that's what it is. Chapter 28 Lan Qinhe went to find Lan Guoqi and said something about Nalanjie. How dare you! Bully people too much! The old man, who was practicing martial arts, smashed the stone table in the courtyard with one punch and said the same words as Lan Qinhe. "Don't worry about it," he frowned angrily. "I'll write to Nalan right away and ask him how he disciplined his son!" Then she made the same treatment as her daughter. General Naran can now receive two letters. Not to mention this, "Lan Qinhe said," I placed Miss Nalan in Sister Yin's hospital yesterday. Just now, ibc spill pallet ,drum spill pallet, the people in the hospital said that Mrs. Nalan would take Miss Nalan back. " It was someone else's girl, and they were not qualified to stop her if she wanted to take her back. Pick up a fart! The old man clapped his hands on the broken stone table again. "You take her to your house and tell them to go away." Lan Qinhe coughed, "Father." Remind Lan Guoqi to make a slip of the tongue. Let's do it. Lan Guoqi didn't think there was anything wrong. "You recognize her as a sister or a daughter, and let her study in your house. When Nalan comes back, I'll lead him to him and let him think of his own way." "But if Yan wants her to go back." Lan Guoqi looked at Lan Qinhe, "take out some of your princess's appearance!"! If she dares to go to the princess's mansion and ask you for help, won't you throw her out? Lan Qinhe laughed, "with his father's words, his daughter can do things." Boom, of course, will not boom, the court also used General Nalan, she dare not offend Yan Shi, just try to take care of both sides. When she had finished, she bowed to Lan Guoqi. "Don't bother my father. My daughter will retire." Lan Guoqi was sitting on a stool, suddenly thought of something, stood up and waved to Lan Qinhe, "wait for you to come back." "What's the matter, Father?" But seeing Lan Guoqi's resolute face showing a little discomfort, he paced back and forth with his hands behind his back, looking very hesitant. Father, if you have anything to say, say it. Lan Qinhe was surprised that he had never seen the old man look so hesitant. "What's your hurry?" Lan Guoqi glared at her with displeasure, then walked up to her daughter and whispered, "I heard people say that there is a beautiful square in the capital, you are not allowed to go there, do you know?"! If I find out where you've been, I'll break your waist when I come back! Juanxiu Square? Lan Qinhe was at a loss for a moment, and then suddenly came to his senses. Juanxiu Square is a special building for women, but the guests inside are not men, but beautiful girls, which are very popular in the capital. Lan Guoqi always wondered why his daughter didn't have a man. When he talked with his old friends about this after drinking, someone told him, "Now many women raise their daughters and call them grinding mirrors." The old man was scared to wake up on the spot. When he saw Lan Qinhe's shocked look, he felt more and more uncomfortable. He took out two ingots of silver from his clothes and gave them to her. "Go where you should go!" Lan Qinhe was even more shocked, she could not believe that one day her father would take the initiative to let her go to that place, so that she could not believe to ask again, "What place to go?" "You know that in your heart!" Lan Guoqi glared at her again, "unfilial son, Lao Tzu has your eldest brother at your age, and now sixty people have to worry about your affairs." Lan Qinhe put away two ingots of silver, the heart wants to cry without tears, the face is very ashamed, "is the daughter is not filial." "Just know and take the money and go." Lan Guoqi snorted and left without breath. One by one is not worry-free. Lan Qinhe took the money away, and she did feel a little guilty. Father is so old-fashioned and conservative, and now she is forced to give her daughter money to eat flower wine. Hungry to such an extent, riding is really panicked. Lan Qinhe thought about it,collapsible bulk containers, this is really not a thing, she is also twenty-seven, really can not let parents worry about.