Sky-high Price Little Wife: Presidents 33 Days of Love

“…… Li Juefeng, you are so extreme. Gu Xiaoai looked at him helplessly, and suddenly an idea flashed into her mind

“…… Li Juefeng, you are so extreme. Gu Xiaoai looked at him helplessly, and suddenly an idea flashed into her mind, "You didn't listen to the Chinese medicine doctors at all because you were jealous, did you?!" “……” Li Jue Feng was silent, with a black face and a default posture. ……” Gu Xiaoai stroked her forehead with a headache, her man. Her legal husband.. How can anyone be jealous of a group of old people?! He is really capable. 33 Days Memorial Hotel In the presidential suite, the decoration is elegant, the furniture is high-grade, the decoration is noble, and there is a taste of luxury everywhere, which is extremely enjoyable. The shadow of the red wine glass is shaking, the music is booming, and the sound is shaking on the wall. A group of beautiful and hot beauties in bikinis stand on the bed, on the ground, on the sofa and on the cabinet and dance with the music. It's a cold winter outside. The bikini party here is the hottest summer, and it gives off a sense of luxury. This is already another world. The slender waists of the women swung like water snakes, and the screams of joy in their mouths from time to time made the party more ambiguous and passionate. Ershao, come on, I'll feed you a drink. "Ershao,alloy die casting, I'll feed you grapes." …… Lijus sat on the sofa against the wall, wearing a messy shirt and trousers, and all kinds of super-hot bikini women rushed up one by one, feeding wine with their mouths. Li Jue Si hugged left and right, and accepted all of them. This is the life he has been living, wine, beauty and sex. As though I haven't had such a day for a long time,die casting parts, but how long have he been with Ye Jiani?! Just for a little while.. He and Sara can't last, and a double.. The time is even shorter. Ershao, why are you taking us out for dinner? A woman he could not name nestled in his arms and kept her fullness close to him, pretending to be shy. Li Jue Si looked down at her and suddenly thought of Ye Jiani's always cold face. Why do women have to act coquettishly?! Can't you live without a man? Ye Jiani collects materials every day to fight a lawsuit for others. She is sharp-tongued, decisive and straightforward in court. Isn't her style of attacking the other party to the end also very characterful?! Sara is also an extremely assertive woman. She always has her own thoughts and the way she chooses to behave. She will never be shy. Unlike these women in front of us. All of them have just practiced the ability to serve men and ask for benefits from men. Er Shao, what are you thinking about? "Miss you." With a low laugh, Lijus coped with it with ease. Hate Is it true? Don't lie to me. The woman smiled happily, took a mouthful of wine and kissed him on the lips, giving him the delicious wine. Lijus immediately hugged her and drank all the wine, and the red wine dripped down from their lips, a scene of decadence. The rock music was so loud that it hurt his nerves. Li Jue Si pressed his temple, sat on the sofa and let the women wait on him, staring at the bikini girls dancing wildly in front of him. Chapter 2662: [Happiness] I don't need these (4) Chapter 2662: [Happiness] I don't need these (4) Li Jue Si pressed his temple, sat on the sofa and let the women wait on him, metal stamping parts ,metal stamping parts, staring at the bikini girls dancing wildly in front of him. He can't end it. As soon as it's over, he's the only one left here. He needs alcohol, he needs women.. "Turn up the music a little louder!" Lijus roared in a bohemian voice, and at once the Spice Girl ingratiatingly thought of the music. Everything. It's all sinking here. At the end of the Party, the scene of wild dancing and boiling will always be exposed in the past, leaving only one E-cup beauty to come down. But soon, the E-cup beauty said helplessly, "Sorry, I should go." Li Jue Si stared at the little red on the bed, suddenly discouraged, very good, her period is coming. He picked a woman who had her period to stay. I'll walk you out. Lijus said thoughtfully, not forcing her. You're a gentleman. "The E-cup beauty was moved to throw herself into his arms, put her legs around his waist, clung to him like a vine, and kissed him passionately with her hands around his neck." Bang- "" Li Jue Si stretched out his hand to open the door of the presidential suite, and the beauty of the E cup kept climbing on him and kissing him endlessly. Li Jue Si accepted it with pleasure. For a long time, the E-cup beauty jumped down from him and reluctantly said, "Ershao, I left the phone, you remember to call me, do you know?" “OK。 Bye。” Lijus nodded with a smile on his face. The E-cup beauty turned to leave, and as soon as she stepped out, she tripped over a pair of thin legs, which almost made her fall down. What is it The E-cup beauty staggered a few steps before standing still, turned her head and looked over, only to see a thin woman with a hat sitting on the ground against the wall, holding her knees in her hands, like a stone statue, with her head down, unable to see her appearance. But this outfit is really. Sloppy. Do women still dress like this? You're like a man without your boobs! "Er Shao, why is there such a person at the door of your room?"? Ask the hotel security to ask her out! The E cup beauty frowned and said unhappily. I know, you go first. Li Jue Si jaw head, black eyes coldly swept the figure squatting on the wall, do not care to push the door in. Her ears.. At the moment of closing the door, Lijus stopped in shock, and the ear. He has worn diamond earrings on it many times, and he will not admit his mistake. Rijus stepped back quickly, and without thinking, he reached out and lifted her hat. ……” Her short hair was slightly messy after trimming, her face was not modified by any cosmetics, her cheeks were slightly pale, and there was no trace of her expression. Nizi- Lijus stared at her in disbelief, squatted down beside her,deep draw stamping, knelt on one knee, reached out and rubbed her hair, and a smile of joy appeared on his handsome face. "Are you back?!" 。