The West Chamber

There is also a long way from Leishou Mountain to Pujiu Temple. Most of the five thousand thieves and

There is also a long way from Leishou Mountain to Pujiu Temple. Most of the five thousand thieves and soldiers are Wutai people. Along the way, they can't avoid robbing houses, plundering and looting, which makes a lot of trouble. The people have fled, together to the city. At first there were only a few refugees, but later there were more and more, which alarmed the magistrate of the county. As soon as the big master heard that Sun Feihu's troops were coming, he was scared out of his wits and quickly ordered the city gates to be closed. On the surface, it is to ensure the city, but in fact, it is to save his life. As soon as the city gate was closed, the refugees from behind could not enter the city, so they had to rush to the Pujiu Temple. After all, the monk was a monk, with compassion as the foundation and convenience as the door. He did not close the mountain gate like his parents, the magistrate of the county, but refused all comers. All of a sudden, the temple was crowded with people, Ding Kou was prosperous, and the Pujiu Temple was almost full, which made the Zhike Fawu very busy. Fa Cong had nothing to do, but he also helped the Elder Martial Brother to arrange the refugees together. He handled them in good order and each had his own place. When the refugees entered the Temple of Universal Salvation, they thought they were in a safe area and were relieved. But some people were worried and began to talk about it. An elderly man said worriedly, "I heard that Sun Feihu is coming to the Temple of Universal Salvation this time." "I don't think so," said a middle-aged man. "The temple is a Buddhist place. What is he doing here?" The old man said,jujube seed powder, "Sun Feihu, a dog robber, has no respect for the law. He can do anything bad. When he sees a large group of us hiding here, can he let it go?" When Fa Cong heard this, he said, "Don't worry, old man. I've never heard of robbers robbing a monk since ancient times.". Although Sun Feihu was extremely vicious, he was not unconscionable. He came to the land of Buddha to commit crimes. Maybe he was in transit. There was no need to be afraid. Who knows to say Cao Cao, Cao Cao will come. Sun Feihu's troops have arrived in front of the Pujiu Temple. As soon as Sun Feihu's charger arrived,lycopene for skin, he set up camp in the square in front of the temple. Sun Feihu lined up the troops, set up a flag gate, held down the position, and ordered a loud minion to come to the front of the mountain gate to call the formation. In Sun Feihu's words, because it is to rob the village lady, there must be a little courtesy, called "first courtesy and then soldiers". Five thousand troops, the momentum is not small, early alarmed the people in the temple. Fa Cong happened to be in front of the mountain gate when he found that people outside the mountain gate were shouting horses. When he saw it, Sun Feihu came as expected! Hurriedly closed the mountain gate tightly, his face close to the mountain gate, from the crack in the door to look out. The small potato went to the foot of the steps and shouted at the mountain gate, "Oh!"! Monks in the temple, listen! Give Cui Yingying up quickly, and everything will be over. If there is a word of no, our king will say that he will set fire to the temple! "If we don't give up Yingying, we'll rush in and set fire to the temple!" Shouted many minions in the back. When Fa Cong heard this, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate ,ghana seed extract, he was shocked. He thought to himself, "It's no good. Hurry up and tell the master." He went straight to the abbot without touching the ground. Breathlessly, he stepped into the abbot's room and saw the elder meditating on the futon. He closed his eyes and entered meditation. He quickly raised his throat and shouted, "Master, this is not a good thing!" The elder opened his eyes and said, "Fa Cong, you're just making a fuss. Why are you panicking?" Fa Cong gasped and said, "Master, a disaster has come. Sun Feihu, a bandit from Leishou Mountain, has come outside the mountain gate. He has surrounded the temple with five thousand troops. He keeps saying that he will give up Miss Yingying as soon as possible. If not, he will set fire to the temple. All the monks and lay people, young and old, will be reduced to ashes!"! Master, do something! The elder was surprised and said, "Are you serious?" "Master," said Fa Cong, "what time is it? Will the disciple still talk nonsense? If you don't believe me, listen to the sound. The elder listened attentively, and sure enough, there was a cry of killing outside. The elder was old and experienced, and he was very calm. He knew that it was useless to worry about such a thing. Only by dealing with it calmly could he get out of danger. He said, "Fa Cong, go outside quickly and tell the monks and laymen that they don't have to panic. The teacher has his own plan to withdraw his troops." As soon as Fa Cong heard that the master had a way to withdraw his troops, he was very happy and hurried out to calm people's minds. Does Elder Fa Ben really have any good ideas? No. In fact, there was nothing he could do. He just asked Fa Cong to temporarily stabilize people's minds. In fact, he is the head of a temple, and his heart is more anxious than anyone else. He calmed down and thought about it in an all-round way. He felt that Sun Feihu was coming for Miss Yingying. He must report the matter to the old lady and discuss a way out. So the elder hurried straight to the West Chamber. Cui's boss in charge of Cui an just came back from Changan, he didn't find Guye Zheng Heng in Changan, dare not delay outside, hurried back, and Sun Feihu's team before and after the foot to the temple, what happened outside the temple he also knows, then rushed in to tell. In the inner hall, the old lady also heard a hubbub of voices outside. She didn't know what had happened. She was about to order someone to go out to check, but she saw two old people rushing in out of breath. It seemed that there must be something urgent, otherwise it wouldn't be like this. "See you, madam," said the elder. "Madam," said the seneschal, "the old slave is going to see you." "Old and young," said his ladyship, "it's just an old man. What are you doing here in such an appearance? "Tell me, madam," said the manager, panting, "that trouble has come! Outside, bandits, Sun Feihu, surrounded the temple. The madam listened, surprised not small, robber comes to the door, it is calamity really, say: "Robber robs, this how be good?" The elder gasped for breath and said,lutein eye complex, "Robbery is secondary, and there is a greater disaster." "What's the trouble?" Asked the lady. "The bandits are here for Miss Yingying," said the elder. "How can I say it's for my daughter?" Asked the madam. 。