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In just two days, more than 600 suspected gangsters were arrested in the detention center. Of course

In just two days, more than 600 suspected gangsters were arrested in the detention center. Of course, the media would not miss the opportunity to report such a severe action, while the gangsters were shocked and even dared not go out for a walk. They could only stay at home and wait for the storm to blow away. However, these have nothing to do with Hao Yunyang and Zhao Chenxin. Everything went smoothly with the target person. After completing a certain exchange of information, they left Harbin by bus and rushed to Changchun, 300 kilometers away. Then go to Fujian and Guangdong, after that, go straight back to Liushi. Sitting in his seat, he turned his head and took a look at the scenery outside the window. Hao Yunyang turned his head slightly and said to Zhao Chenxin, "There are about seven places to run. If you are tired, we will go to Wenzhou by the way." "Let's go together." The situation of acclimatization is quite obvious on Zhao Chenxin's body. There are even many small red pimples on her back. But after thinking about it, Zhao Chenxin shook her head and refused Hao Yunyang's proposal. She stretched out her hands and made an expansion action. She said: "In fact, running outside is not very tiring. It is constantly to adapt to various geographical environments and weather, which is too much for people to bear. However, The weather and climate in Fujian and Guangdong are not very different from those in Xijiang, so there should be no problem. "There is a big gap between Fujian and Guangdong and Xijiang.". Little Hao Yunyang smiled and said, "At least now in summer,stesweet stevia, the weather is definitely hotter than the Xijiang River. Moreover, we are now passing from the northeast, and the temperature difference is too big. I'm afraid you can't stand it." "It's all right." Zhao Chenxin shook her head with a smile and said softly, "Didn't you run with Shi Yu? If you can stand it, why can't I stand it? You just look down on me too much! "Oh, maybe." Du Yunyang smiled, then put his hands behind his head and squinted slightly. "It's been four or five days,akba boswellic acid," he said. "I don't know what's going on with Shi Yu." "Is that man really what Shi Yu said, a master of martial arts?" Zhao Chenxin raised her lovely eyebrows and lowered her voice hesitantly, saying, "Look at what he looked like that day. It was really scary." "Shiyu basically won't lie unless he's really wrong." Slightly opened his eyes to look at Zhao Chenxin, conveniently scraped the bridge of Zhao Chenxin's nose. "Do you still remember what happened that night?" He said with a smile. I can't forget it yet. Zhao Chenxin stuck out her tongue: "I have never met such a scene in my life!" "Remember when we first met?" Hao Yunyang's face reveals a faint memory, although it is revisiting, but it is also a disguised way to eliminate the shadow left in Zhao Chenxin's heart that night: "To tell you the truth, when I first saw you, I had already identified you." "You can be really casual Zhao Chenxin heart a warm, but the mouth is smiling, but also stretched out his hand to pinch Hao Yunyang:" If you met that time is not me, is it necessary to identify someone else? " In this world, there is a thing called fate. Hao Yunyang shrugged his shoulders and said helplessly, rosmarinic acid supplement ,best green coffee bean extract, "I'm destined, and you're destined. Let's get together. That's a match made in heaven." "You are so narcissistic." Zhao Chenxin covered her mouth and chuckled. No, it's called confidence! Hao Yunyang smiled and said, "And the time I met you in the street. To tell you the truth, if you weren't the one who was surrounded by those ruffians, I would never go to save you!" What if it was a girl more beautiful than me. Zhao Chenxin blinked her big eyes at Hao Yunyang. A girl prettier than you. Hao Yunyang also stared at Zhao Chenxin for a long time, showing the color of thinking. He was so anxious that Zhao Chenxin beeped his mouth. It was not until then that Hao Yunyang said seriously, "Is there?" "Huh?" Zhao Chenxin was stunned at first, then burst out laughing, this laugh. Be full of charm. "Master, go to the city people's hospital hand in hand out of the station, Hao Yunyang two people directly into a taxi, straight to Changchun City People's Hospital.". By the time Hao Yunyang and Zhao Chenxin arrived at the hospital, Wang Shiyu, who had already received a phone call from Hao Yunyang, was standing at the door waiting. When he saw Hao Yunyang and Zhao Chenxin getting out of the car, Wang Shiyu came up and nodded slightly at them, even if he had said hello. How are the people? Walking toward the ward, Hao Yunyang asked Wang Shiyu, "Is the wound on your body better?" "Mmm." After Wang Shiyu nodded slightly, he was silent until they reached the door of the ward. Wang Luoju suddenly opened his mouth and said, "He wants to be with you." "What?" Hao Yunyang didn't hear clearly for a moment. He said he wanted to be like you, like me. Wang Shiyu did not open the door of the ward, but looked at Hao Yunyang and said, "But he said you had to help him get revenge." "Go, there's no time for that." Hao Yunyang, who had thought he had more than one bodyguard, suddenly lost interest. He curled his lips and said, "It doesn't matter if you don't have friendship. Why?" Wang Shiyu was also stunned by Hao Yunyang's question, and then said: "But his kung fu is very strong." "It's enough to have you." "He doesn't want a salary." "I'm not short of that money!" "He, he," Wang Shiyu was speechless. He stared at Hao Yunyang for a long time before he suddenly said, "But I've already promised him for you." "Then you help him revenge, Hao Yunyang said very heartlessly:" It's enough to save him once on the road, and you want to save him a second time? Revenge? The wound on his body, what happened that night had something to do with this bullshit revenge, right? I've got enough trouble on my side, and I need another burden? I said, "Shiyu, please think about it. Is it worth it?" Then let him follow me. Wang Shiyu didn't listen at all. It was Hao Yunyang's unintentional words that made his eyes light up. Then he nodded and said, "I'll avenge him." "Silly". Hao Yunyang held back for a long time and jumped out two words. He waved his hand and said, "Did you hire him?"? Then what am I? "Boss,fenugreek saponins, boss Wang Shiyu is the relationship is very smooth, without any hesitation, said:" I will deal with this matter. 。 prius-biotech.com