The soul of a great power

Never mind, let her give birth. Don't we still have dozens of strong men? The general muttered

Never mind, let her give birth. Don't we still have dozens of strong men? The general muttered, and in a moment fell asleep beside the fire. The thick night is like a huge curtain, covering the forests of northern Myanmar in a low way. Darkness oppresses the dying people in the forest. No one knows his way out and future, or even the fate of tomorrow. But everyone must obey an iron will, that is, to go forward until victory or death. At dawn on the thirteenth day, the face was unveiled amid the crowing of grouse. "Thirteen," however, is indeed an unlucky number, and it indicates from the beginning that a series of blows and misfortunes will fall on this small group of people who are on the verge of extinction. When he woke up, Stilwell felt refreshed, but he was surprised to find that his hat was missing, and then he found his glasses, pocket watch, and pipe. At first he thought someone was making trouble for him, but when the soldiers found the old combat hat in a tree, he suddenly realized that it was the monkeys who were playing tricks on the humans. Without glasses,plastic laminted tube, it is not convenient to walk. But the general remained obstinate and refused to accept help. At noon, the team was blocked by a torrent. The Rapids were more than ten feet wide, the foam splashed, and only a dangling rattan rope hung in midair. This is a native river-crossing tool in the forest, which climbs on all fours like a gecko. Fortunately, Teng Suo is still strong, first a few people in the past,cosmetic tube packaging, with leggings to pull the people on the other side of the past one by one. Coincidentally, when it was Stilwell's turn, the tape broke halfway, and the general involuntarily fell three or four meters into the river. People were stunned. Women screamed, Brigadier General Frank Donne shouted for help, soldiers jumped into the water, and more people ran down to try to stop the general struggling in the current. Fortunately, this breathtaking scene did not last long. Before the people arrived, the general stumbled up from the shallows. …… Hey, that's not bad! The general sneezed and cried confusedly, "Children, rest here for a while. Perhaps it will be better to take a bath." The valley became lively. Men jump into the water in their underpants, British gentlemen seize the opportunity to shave and shave, empty lotion tubes ,empty cosmetic tubes, Chinese people are as noisy as children, women are quietly immersed in the water to bathe and wash their hair, let the clear stream wash away the fatigue and dirt accumulated for many days, and nurse girls sing hymns in praise of the Lord.. The warm sun shines on the people who have gone through all kinds of hardships, and the beautiful singing makes them forget their tiredness and sadness for a while. Stilwell sat dripping wet on the stone and watched the touching scene. He thought it was the best time he had had in months. Look how happy they are, General. Frank Dorn said. Why not, Frank? Replied the general. He reached for his pipe and found his pockets empty. "I think they will all be grateful for everything here when they come out of the forest." In fact, they should thank the river for bringing them luck. They were spotted by a patrolling American plane in the valley just after noon. When the pilot was sure that the group below was the small team that had been lost for a long time, he scraped the top of the mountain and dropped two heavy parachutes. The parachutes were drifting with the wind. Unfortunately, one landed in the Rapids and was soon washed out of sight by the thunderous Rapids. The other hung upside down in a tall tree like a big mushroom. However, before the ecstatic people could run up to them, several dark-skinned natives appeared in the forest. They climbed up the tree with the agility of monkeys, picked the mushroom in the blink of an eye, and quickly fled into the woods and disappeared. Luck disappeared as suddenly as it came. People are still empty-handed and depressed again. Stilwell announced confidently: "Our suffering is coming to an end." The general's eyes glowed: "The plane will come again, and the people on the ground will come to meet us.". Maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after tomorrow, they will bring us food, medicine, and the communication tools we need most. Ladies and gentlemen, today's accident is nothing. I mean, we're all saved. ” Sure enough, when it was dark, the first team to meet them found them. Not only did they bring tents, food, medicine, and radio stations to the tumbling group of adventurers, but they also brought them an encouraging message. It turned out they were only forty miles from the Indian border. This is often the case: when you are desperate, you are already at the door of success. That night, Jin Maguo gave birth to a crying baby boy in the tent, and the whole camp was boiling. The frail mother asked each of the elders present to bless the baby with broth and rice wine, in accordance with the national custom of Myanmar. Yapro, give the child a wish, and God will bless you forever. Mother pleaded with Stilwell. The general gazed solemnly at the new life wriggling slowly in swaddling clothes, the son of mankind born tenaciously in suffering, and his heart was filled with great emotion and tenderness. But he is a soldier, and the bounden duty of a soldier is to fight, to end suffering by creating suffering, and to end war by war. Thinking of this, his mood was gloomy. Let Reverend Merrill bless the child. He said to his mother sincerely, "If I have any desire, I think I would like to see the priest become the godfather of this child." 4 On the afternoon of May 20, Stilwell held a press conference in front of a large group of press officials and reporters in the Indian border town of Imphal. The general made a brief statement at the meeting: Gentlemen: I declare that we have suffered a heavy blow. As you can see,pump tube, we had to withdraw from Burma, which was a great shame for the allies and for me personally. I think we have to find out why we failed and regroup before we can go back to Burma. Mark my words, we must return to Burma in triumph. (Quoted from Stilwell's Mission to China).