Mortal Immortal [Chapter 1354]

On the other side, Lin Jiu and Lin 17 were also knocked upside down and flew out, but after all, the two men

On the other side, Lin Jiu and Lin 17 were also knocked upside down and flew out, but after all, the two men were higher than Han Li, each cast a spell and urged the magic weapon, but also barely blocked the blue light ball hit, and did not look too hurt. In front of Lin 17, a shield in the shape of a tortoise shell was offered. The surface was engraved with a lifelike monster with the head of a dragon and the body of a tortoise. Under the flash of inspiration, it looked like a very extraordinary treasure. But now the shield was also blasted out of a clearly audible trace, making Lin 17 eyes twitch, full of regret. The golden flying sword in Lin Jiu's hand had disappeared. I don't know if it was the same as Han Li's silver flying sword. The golden millstone was suspended in front of him. I don't know what magic weapon it was. There were countless tiny gold patterns on the surface of the millstone, giving people a heavy feeling like a mountain. His eyes fell on the heavy water wheel in front of Han Li, his face showing a trace of surprise, the next expression restored as before, as if nothing had happened to withdraw the line of sight. Although Lin Jiu's expression change is only a moment, but Han Li is still keen to capture, the heart can not help but move. Look at Lin Jiu's reaction, have you ever seen his heavy water wheel before? Han Li's thoughts turned quickly in his heart, and his defense against Lin Jiu deepened. Chapter 249 provoking Asgard. After the blue figure repelled Han Li's three men, he did not take advantage of the situation to pursue them,collapsible bulk container, but flew down beside the white-haired old man's body, waving a blue light over the old man's body, as if he wanted to save the man. But the white-haired old man's spirit had completely disappeared, and there was nothing left. At the moment, there was only a body that had run out of oil and could not die any more. The blue figure suddenly looked up and looked at Han Li three people, his eyes full of rage. You bandits of the Impermanent Alliance are so bold that you dare to plot against Asgard! Court death "Asgard!" When Han Li heard this, he was startled. Lin Jiudaoyou, what's going on? He looked at Lin Jiu and asked in a deep voice. Lin 17 complexion is also some ugly,plastic trash bins, also looked at Lin Jiu, eyes full of questioning color. Two Taoist friends don't want to misunderstand, this matter I also don't know, not intentionally deceive. The task I took was only to kill the white-haired old man, and the person who released it did not explain his identity. Said Lin Jiu with a bitter look on his face. Han Li carefully observed Lin Jiu's expression, and when he saw that he did not seem to be lying, he immediately withdrew his eyes and turned his thoughts in his heart. In the face of a formidable enemy, we can't throw ourselves into confusion. At this time, the blue figure pinched the formula with both hands, and the blue light on the body surface was put down, and blue lines emerged one after another. I saw the blue light from the collapse of the previous three blue light balls, together with the blue light that emerged again from the flowers and trees in the valley, rushing in again, sinking into those blue lines, heavy duty plastic pallet ,plastic wheelie bins, making the figure's body suddenly swell, and in the blink of an eye, it turned into a giant of more than a hundred feet high. Han Li three people coincidentally release the divine consciousness to sweep to this green armor giant again, gasped in succession. The amazing breath emanating from the giant's body at the moment, compared with the old man who had swallowed the burning baby's blood Dan before, was not far behind, but faintly higher, which made all three of them feel cold in their hearts. Take the spirit and return to the source! No, this man is the incarnation of Jinxian. Be careful! Lin Jiu suddenly shouted out loud. Although Han Li had some guesses in his heart, hearing this, his heart was also a Rin. He has been in the Candle Dragon Way for many years, and his knowledge is no longer comparable to that of that year. He is not ignorant of the realm of the Golden Immortal, and the return of the spirit to the source is the most remarkable feature. Jinxian's control of fairy power is far above the true immortal, and the overflowing spiritual power in battle can be recalled in the air, greatly reducing the consumption of fairy power, which is the horror of Jinxian. Judging from the means that the person in front of him has just used, it is obvious that he is a Jinxian who has mastered some kind of wood attribute law. He can launch an attack with the help of the wood attribute Reiki around him. If he is allowed to circulate the consumed fairy power like this, he will be in trouble. Just as the thoughts in the hearts of the three people were turning, the giant figure of Qingjia had swooped out. The huge figure was extremely fast. With a flash of blue light, it appeared in front of the three people in an instant. The fist the size of a house was shining, and a punch fell down at Lin Jiu. The void seemed to explode with a thunderbolt, and then an invisible wave broke out, like a hurricane sweeping away, and a strong wave of law emanated. Lin Jiu did not fly to avoid, two hands in front of a fierce pinch. The golden millstone in front of him shone so brightly that it swelled to the size of a hill in an instant, and buzzed and whirled to meet the giant's fist. An earth-shattering noise! The light of blue and gold collided with each other, and then burst out. The golden millstone was hit by a punch, Lin Jiu's body shook, and the whole person flew out like a broken sack. However, the golden millstone was also a very important treasure, and the force of the shock also made the body of the giant in blue armor shake and be shaken back two steps. The blue light on the surface of one fist seemed to be scattered a little, but as the blue lines on its arm brightened, the scattered blue light converged again. Did not wait for its full recovery, the giant left and right sides of the figure of a flower, Han Li and Lin 17 figure emerged. Han Li gave a low shout, and the black water of the heavy water wheel in his hand rose a few minutes again, turning into the size of a house, dripping and spinning fast, and the powerful gravitational fluctuations spread out. He pinched a little, and the real wheel of heavy water turned into a black rainbow and hit the giant in green armor. On the other side, Lin 17 also kept silent and offered a big seal, which was square and yellow. At the top of the seal was a yellow dragon, like the imperial seal of the secular world, surrounded by dazzling yellow rays. Lin 17 muttered quickly in his mouth and pressed his palm in the void. The yellow seal shone brightly, rising a hundred times in a flash, and the shadow of a yellow dragon loomed in the dazzling yellow awn around it,drum spill containment, smashing down toward the giant in green armor. After the previous battle, the three of them have already had some tacit understanding. The giant in green armor was unstable, but he did not panic at all. He turned over his arms and grabbed the heavy water wheel and the yellow seal with his palms.