Space cannon fodder for survival

At this moment, it seems that there are more and more good feelings for the prime minister at the highest level.

At this moment, it seems that there are more and more good feelings for the prime minister at the highest level. Although he is not a "good person", very realistic, but not a bad person, because she is also such a person, very realistic, the environment will make people change. The prime minister was also somewhat aggrieved: "After I scolded them, I dismissed the person in charge.". I have been sad for a long time for losing such a precious human being. Is this tone of voice again going to soften her heart like mud? Hard-hearted, she deliberately asked: "Sad, do you have a heart?" No sound.. The atmosphere became tense for a while, and after a while, the Prime Minister shouted, "Turn on the light!" The lights were turned on and the prime minister sat up. It's over. You're wrong. But so what? You can't sit here and watch the stars all night, can you? He Ningyan also sat up, waiting to put her in prison, tomorrow. What I saw was not the angry expression of the handsome man, but that he held out his hand and pulled his tie. Yes, to pull the tie. The slender snow-white fingers pulled the black tie with red stripes away with a slight force. Then he began to unbutton the snow-white shirt buttons, starting from the first one, one by one. Untie the four.. Stunned, she was pulled up by the Prime Minister, reached into her shirt, and pressed on her left chest. "I have a heart." The prime minister's deep blue eyes,plastic pallet supplier, gazing at her, were brighter than the starry sky: "Do you feel it? It's beating inside." Really began to sweat palms feel, feel should be exactly the same as human, that delicate skin, a piece of chest muscle, a little. There is also a pulse, just like human beings, which is beating. This made her very surprised, how could this happen? "My body is exactly the same as a human's,plastic pallet supplier, all the same.". If you took out my heart, you would find that it is exactly the same as the structure of any human heart. This scientist shaped me into a machine like a human being, so I know more about love and feelings than other robots. Even if this love has disappeared, as long as it appears, not to mention two hundred years, even two thousand or twenty thousand years, I will still love. At this time, the Prime Minister said so seriously that his peerless face was enough to make every woman limp and no longer have doubts. More than two hundred years ago, a talented scientist with a physical disability but a superior IQ stood up from paralysis. And to design the most perfect lover as a future partner. I really poured all my love and hope into this masterpiece. Unfortunately, I didn't live to see it. And from the day of the birth of this robot, waiting for the appearance of this love, waiting for the appearance of a qualified woman in an extinct race. Although it is impossible to appear, it is miraculous. What an epic love story. After a long wait, God finally took pity on me and gave me a chance. But she can't be moved, because she's not here for a long time, and one of the three taboos is not to be moved. Everything here is fake, plastic pallet box ,plastic bulk containers, and it's possible that people are fake. It's not possible to be false, it's true to be false. The other side is not a human, but a robot. He Ningyan severely warned himself that although it was very difficult to be cruel, it was necessary. She licked her dry lips and said with difficulty, "Then you can customize one." A warm hand, gently on the face, is a temperature, no doubt in the reminder, just like the owner of this hand, is alive and emotional. The prime minister put a hand on her face and gazed as if he could see the deep feeling: "What I need is a human being, a real woman." The body began to tremble. Only then did she realize that her hand had been on the other's chest all the time, and if it hadn't been for the other's pressing, it would have been trembling. God, let her fight and kill, run for her life and kill. This kind of soft knife is really unbearable. I dare not say no, facing such a man. If the other person is disappointed or even desperate, whether he gets angry or not.. She wanted to jump off the building. Take a deep breath, even though it's humiliating, take a deep breath.. A little bit of remaining calm, she suddenly found a life-saving straw: "Right, you, you do not know my name..." Chapter 109 Pillow Sleep. In order to make herself a little more rational, if the other party asked her what her name was, she would use it as long as she was a woman, and she just "unfortunately" met the requirements of the Prime Minister's setting. If the other side said that she did not know the other side's name, then there was no need to say anything else. Anyway, in just one second, she had already thought of several hypotheses in order to wake up quickly. If she goes on, she will die. It can be said that any woman, as long as her eyes are not blind and her brain is fine, will die. Whether human or robot. With a smile at the corners of his mouth, the Prime Minister's voice was so gentle: "The name is just a code name, which does not represent you and me, as long as you are alive in front of me." I didn't say the name was important, I didn't say it wasn't important. Talent is the most important thing. Whatever her name is, it doesn't matter, as long as it's her. At this moment, He Ningyan just wants to cry, this prime minister is really too powerful, she is no match. And the other side has something wrong, will press her hand loose, slowly hugged her, fell to the ground. "Don't ~" she couldn't help but come out, after saying it, she regretted it. She was a fledgling girl. She should have the cheek to stick it upside down. Maybe the other party would feel disgusted and let her go. The Prime Minister laid her down on the soft carpet and gently touched her face with his fingers, as if he were looking at and admiring a piece of porcelain: "Don't worry, my weight is strictly in proportion and will not crush you to death.". Every organ, every bone of mine, is as lifelike as possible. The scientist studied medicine, otherwise he would not be so accurate. Every organ, every bone.. It sounds a little creepy,foldable bulk container, as if seeing a woman who is not outstanding in appearance, except that her head is human and her body is a machine, weighing the newly dissected human tissues on a scale in the laboratory.