Midnight Hades Marriage: The Apical Pet of the King of Hell

He looked warily at Anning, and after a long time, as if remembering something, he exclaimed

He looked warily at Anning, and after a long time, as if remembering something, he exclaimed, "Oh!"! Are you the aunt Ann that my mother said valued sex more than friends?! Her face suddenly stiffened, the whole person petrified there, if there was a gust of wind blowing, she estimated that she would break into powder, and then drift away with the wind. Chris could not help but laugh in the side, hearty laughter is very nice, from time to time also mixed with a few pure American voice. What are you laughing at? Anning was so angry that he pulled Chris's cuff. He was not angry at all. Instead, he laughed even louder. This, it is really to annoy the peace, see her face up red, eyes wide open. Embarrassed, I covered his mouth and smiled at Anning: "Haha, a child, you don't listen to his nonsense." This child, how can he have such a good memory? I complained casually because I couldn't receive a peaceful letter before, but I didn't expect to be written down by this little devil. Rong-Hua-you tell me the truth! Anning immediately revealed her true colors. In the past, when she was in the dormitory, she always used this trick to frighten me. I left and raised my hands to surrender. Okay,Time Delay Tap, okay, I admit that I said it, but what I said is true. You did cut off contact with me, and it was a long time, not two or three days. So I thought that because you were going to get married, the circle of contact would be transferred to M country, and I would be forgotten. "So I'm very angry, and this is just an angry word." After peaceful listened to my explanation,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, this just a little calmed down, the mouth is quick, first brain one step blurts out: "Still not because of those a few broken families, otherwise..." Chris immediately interrupted her, but when I heard this, I narrowed my eyes and keenly caught an unusual breath. What do you mean? What ***ing family? What the hell happened? Knowing that he had spilled the beans, Anning quickly covered his mouth with both hands and slapped me twice, not daring to look at me again. I pressed him to no avail, so I had to shift the target to Chris. Chris, I know you won't hide it from me. Tell me, what happened? Chris was also silent, the smile just disappeared without a trace, and the scene of laughter just now was like a dream. Seeing that the two people sitting opposite were not willing to speak, I thought about some strange actions and expressions when they first arrived at the shop, and the late engagement ceremony, and I had an idea in my mind. Does Grandpa Ann and Ann's family know about this? Anning shook his head, Stainless Steel Toilet China ,Prison toilet for sale, and Rong Yan, who had never spoken much, opened his mouth: "You say, if you need help, Yan Er will certainly help!" I touched his head and motioned him not to make a sound. Now is the time when Anning and Chris are in the most complicated mood. Let them calm down and think carefully. Oh, well, blame me for talking fast. Anning finally gave in. She sighed and collapsed in her seat, her eyes drooping slightly, as if she were remembering something. Tranquility.. Chris wanted to struggle a few more times, but Anning looked at him and said, "What's the use of hiding it?"? Chris, Xiaohua will know eventually. Then Anning told me what had happened in M country. It turned out that during the period when the ghost crystal was lost, all the big families stood on the same front in order to resist the devil, sharing a bitter hatred of the enemy and working together. However, when the crystal of the underworld returns, the Yin and Yang realms of M naturally enter a period of peace. It was supposed to be a confrontation between Yin and Yang, but it silently turned into a deception between families. According to Anning, the Smith family wanted to marry the David family, who happened to have a daughter about the same age as Chris, and who had a crush on Chris and wanted to make it happen. But the existence of peace, this marriage is doomed to be impossible to succeed. So the head of the Smith family said that if he did not marry, he would naturally choose another family to marry, and then unite the two families to suppress the David family. This kind of routine seems familiar. I often see it in some novels, but I didn't expect it to happen in real life. Dividing for a long time will lead to uniting for a long time will lead to dividing. In the past, there was a big family of exorcism in M country. Because of internal contradictions, it fell apart. Then those who got married got married, and those who got married got married. It gradually divided into many families with different surnames. "Now that the Yin and Yang realms are at peace, they naturally focus on their selfish desires and want to unify the exorcism circle of M country. Chris has spent a lot of time dealing with them, so the engagement time has been postponed again and again." Anning added, and I touched my chin and nodded. What is the current situation? It depends on you to send me an invitation. It should be almost solved, right? Her peaceful eyes sank, and she shook her head with a solemn expression. No, it's not solved at all. The real problem is still ahead. 289 Coconut Chapter: The Secret of White Impermanence 1 "You mean they're still tangled up?" As I listened to Chris's next words, I raised my eyebrows and snorted, "They really don't give up." "Why, do they think they are a big family, so they can ignore peace?" "Settled in our country's exorcism circle, is also one of the best families, they are not afraid of your two families to unite and resist him?" Peaceful face suddenly changed, she looked at me with some embarrassment, looked at me a few eyes, said: "Xiaohua, you do not say it..." "That.." I haven't told Grandpa about the engagement yet. "What?" Surprised, I opened my mouth wide and shouted, "Haven't you mentioned it to Grandpa Ann yet?"? Then what are you doing, acting first and reporting later? Peaceful cheeks a red, I have always felt that she is a rational, will not act foolishly girl, although sometimes she will be impulsive,stainless steel squatting pan, temper will be irritable, but in some important things, absolutely will not go wrong. cnkexin.com