Fa Xiang Xian Tu

In this peace, Zhang Fan slowly floated up and stood in the air, with invisible ripples all over his body, and

In this peace, Zhang Fan slowly floated up and stood in the air, with invisible ripples all over his body, and the spirit of heaven and earth converged. Boom ~ All of a sudden, the reflection of the starry sky, a night of stars, Zhou Tian bright, gorgeous misty, more whirlpool nebula, emerged in the sky, in which the stars burst out, silence all. Dong ~ ~ " Then, the sound of the East Emperor Bell resounded through the sky. In the sound of the bell, the huge stars are scattered in the sky, like reflections in the water. Twisted by the wind, ripples break. This is yuan Ying Shentong Domain, not yuan Ying Shentong Domain. The real yuan Ying Shentong domain, is through the broken Dan into a baby moment, with a lifetime of perception, in that detached moment of congealing. Zhang Fan, who used the second yuan Ying to trigger the vision of heaven and earth, did not have the opportunity to condense the yuan Ying's divine domain. It was not that he could not, but that he did not! In a hurry, can not understand, at this time condensation will accompany the long years of yuan Ying Shentong domain, can only be said to be an extremely irresponsible act of their own. If so. Why should he be in such a hurry to find the second yuan Ying to improve his strength? It's better to break Dan into a baby in a hurry. This is just the last section, when he gets the real yuan Ying Dacheng in the future, he will naturally be able to form a powerful yuan Ying Shentong domain, and the second yuan Ying will give him a leap in strength. Think of here, with Zhang Fan's mind is also hard to avoid excitement, such as the beginning of the magical power of youth, the desire to try a few desire to look around, eyes suddenly bright. Hundreds of feet ahead, a bluestone hill is like a tiger. In this endless plain,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, under the erosion of the ancient wild sand, no matter what kind of mountains have long been weathered without a trace, do not look at a small mountain, tens of thousands of years ago, it may not be a peak in the sky, the foundation under it must be solid. Facing the hill in the distance, Zhang Fan stretched out his palm, congealed in the void, and lifted it. Boom! ~” The continuous roar, coming from the ground shaking, spread along the earth in an instant, alarming countless wild animals who survived under these difficult conditions, all with their tails between their legs,Flush Retrofit Kit, running like wolves. In the roar of vibration, but see the top of the bluestone hill, a huge palm of congealed substance emerged, fiercely grasping the mountain, like an ancient giant, to pull up the mountain. The palm of the hand is still, but it is this kind of immobility that makes people palpitate even more. Beneath it, the whole bluestone hill shakes like chaff, like the impact of a continuous earthquake, without a moment's rest. The ground at the foot of the hill was cracked inch by inch. The cobweb spreads, and in a moment, there is no complete soil in several miles. Then, as if winter had gone and spring had come, the bamboo shoots broke through the ground, and unconsciously, the whole hill rose little by little. After a moment, it seemed that the bottom of the hill, which was adjacent to the soil, was full of fresh and moist earth color. As if the tremendous force in the hands of the big grappler was superimposed layer by layer, the speed of pulling up the mountain was more and more. After a few breaths, the hill turned into a peak, and more than 50% of the mountain was wet. From time to time, the soil dried and fell in the strong wind, Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl ,Time Delay Tap, and it was like the cry of a mountain peak. Ha ha ha At this point, Zhang Fan suddenly burst out laughing, dispersed his innate capture, stepped out, crossed in the air, rose in the gale, and looked down at the suddenly rising peaks. Then, one palm is raised, the little finger is close to the palm, and the other four fingers are pinched to reach the sky. With his movements, the stars in the night sky, the number of Zhou Tian, suddenly, enveloped heaven and earth. -Star Picker! Pick the stars with one hand, shake down the stars! "Boom ~" With a long tail, the sky was full of falling stars, and a star turned into a bright star, crashing down into the bluestone peaks. Suddenly, there was an earth-shaking roar, and the peak, which was made up of rocks, suddenly collapsed, as if a black hole had suddenly appeared inside the peak. The earth and rocks were flying all over the sky, falling to the ground like a rainstorm, but in an instant, the plain was covered with traces like meteorite craters, and the four sides of the depression were covered with rubble. When the clouds had disappeared and the dust had settled, looking up, there was no trace of a mountain peak, only a small part of it, standing on the plain, even lower than the original height of the hill. The power of a blow, until here. This strike picks the star hand, Zhang Fan only shook down a star, has this power, surpasses that year innumerable. What's more, this time just do it casually, and for the help of Mo Ling Jin Yu, the pure manifestation of their own magical power. "This is the power of yuan Ying's magical power!" Standing in the gale, Zhang Fan looked at the scene contentedly and muttered to himself. Although he is not without a fight with yuan Ying Zhenren, but after all, the fight is a fight, at that time, just want to win, where has its own power so clear and clear? Just that moment, he realized that what is yuan Ying, what is the peak of Jiedan, the gap between the two, is absolutely not a simple yuan Ying can fully understand. The same blow, with the spirit of heaven and earth affected by yuan Ying, is at least several times more than that in the realm of Jiedan. The same spiritual power cultivation, as long as it does not reach the limit of the supernatural power itself, can display several times the power. This is the place where yuan Ying's real person is horrible! After a little aftertaste, Zhang Fan suddenly opened his mouth: "Bitter old, how about if I confront Mu Tianyan head-on at this time?" "There is no doubt that you will win. With the help of the Kun in his sleeve, he can't even take off yuan Ying!" Without the slightest hesitation, the bitter Taoist said the answer directly. Ha ha ha ~ Good! Zhang Fan laughed out loud. Mu Tianyan was the weakest yuan Ying he had ever seen in his life, but after all, he was yuan Ying. This judgment at least proved that he really had yuan Ying's level of combat power, instead of only one blow before yuan Ying's power. Second yuan Ying Dacheng, no matter who he is, even if he is a deified monk, he can't see your actual situation. "From now on, in everyone's eyes, you, Zhang Fan, are the real person of yuan Ying, the top master standing at the peak of the human world!" In the voice of the bitter Taoist, there is satisfaction and joy. That kind of feeling is just like when parents see their children Jackie Chan and the master likes the achievements of his disciples. yuan Ying Zhenren. Zhang Fan smiled, feeling the difference at this moment, at this time if it is a hundred years, back to Qinzhou, will be able to make the old friend stunned, can not believe. Wealth and honor do not return home,Flush valve price, such as brocade clothes at night! This may be called vulgar, but it is human nature, how can he be an exception. cnkexin.com