Fouad Whatsapp Apk Download

Fouad WhatsApp is an APP that gives users more freedom and operability.

Fouad WhatsApp is the best modified application for Android devices, which has more amazing features than the original messenger app.

The developer had made some changes in the UI and added some extra functionalities. Want to show a single tick to the person who sends you a msg? fouad whatsapp have a single tick option, which shows a single tick to the sender, even when the message is received and read.

In this app you can hide blue ticks, online status and the ability to download stories.

Anti-ban System

Multiple people don’t want to download the mod of Whatsapp as they can be banned by the official whatsapp But the time changed now and developers are constantly busy developing the anti-ban system for mods. This system protects the app from banning and gives you unlimited entertainment. 


An in-built theme store with more than 50 themes is available for you to use for customizing your app. you can download and Install for free of charge themes online. The .xml extension formatted themes for uploading and installing to your app. use the customization & settings feature of your phone storage for saving the current themes and restoring them at the time of need. You can also reset the default settings for using the custom themes. 

Select the Contacts for Calling

The audio/video calling option is one of the most revolutionary features, but sometimes it can irritate us. When a person constantly calls you and interrupts your other important activities. The feature enables you to block the person from calling you. Open settings click My contacts>My contact except>Select contacts>Nobody. Nobody option will block all calls and feel free you.

Create Backup Copy

The app doesn’t support Google Drive so the default backup is not active. You can create your own backup using the Titanium Backup feature offered by Fouad Whatsapp. Save the created backup copy on the phone’s storage and restore it anytime you need. For accessing the backup you have to click Mod Settings>Universal>Backup and Restore. 

Share unlimited High-Quality Videos & Photos

Forget to decrease the size and quality of videos or images as it is in the official app. download Fouad Whatsapp and share high-quality videos and images with your friends and family. The latest version enables you to share 1 GB of files, 10 images, and so on. You have the option of editing some basic parts of your photo before sending it to your contacts. 

Disable Multiple Features

You can’t use any trick for securing your privacy in the official app. you have to follow all privacy features offered by the original one. On the contrary, with Fouad Whatsapp you can disable multiple unwanted features such as;

  1. Hide your online status
  2. Hide typing or recording status
  3. Eliminate the forward tag from the message to share again
  4. Hide view status
  5. Hide double or blue ticks