Everything You Should Understand About Follicular Unit Extraction

This Is A Smart And Innovative Technology That Works To Restore The Lost Hairs Naturally.

When it comes to attaining seamless results for hair restoration you should choose a wise hair treatment. The modern technology in hair transplant emphasises the use of Follicular Unit Extraction. FUE is a wonderful approach for hair restoration which can deliver significant benefits over the strip method. However, the strip procedure also works to harvest the follicles from the donor area as well. But, it comes with side effects like bleeding, swelling, pain, and scar visibility.

How does the FUE procedure work for hair transplantation?

The working methodology of this procedure is simple and unique. It does not involve a high-grade incision into the scalp. But, only a small portion of the donor site is shaved to extract the follicles. The procedure uses small punching tools for the removal of follicles carefully. The extracted follicles then are implanted in the bald areas of the head which are mainly the crown and top. This technique is also useful in transplanting hairs of beard and is used too for transgender hair restoration. The results of this procedure are greater than conventional techniques and are highlighted naturally.

Important traits of the Follicular Unit Extraction method

In contrast, to know more about FUE, you must look into some unique traits of the procedure. This would gives you sound clarity about the uses and benefits of choosing this hair transplant method. So, let’s look into the below points one by one.

Advanced technique

FUE is an advanced technique that uses automated tools for harvesting and implantation of hair follicles. This makes the hairs extraction process faster and more precise. The survival rate of grafts can also be increased with this procedure. Furthermore, this treatment is less invasive and risky than its traditional hair transplant counterparts.

Less distress and pain

The biggest feature of this procedure is that it is pain-free and non-discomforting. You can undergo this surgical procedure after getting local anesthesia only and can stay alive during the procedure. This would not cause pain and you will only feel small punching sensations. Chances of complications during Follicular Unit Extraction are also almost nil.

Untraceable scarring

The biggest prominence of this technique is its untraceable scarring. It does not involve any stitches to the scalp as the grafts will be extracted individually only. So, there will be only tiny holes appearing on the donor site which will hide under the hairs. Unlike the linear scar, they will not be visible to the nude eyes.

To sum up

After doing proper research and visibly noticing the results, experts have recommended FUE as the best hair transplant. This is the modern solution to hair loss due to androgenic alopecia. You can get natural-looking results with Follicular Unit Extraction. However, the effectiveness of results depends upon the hair transplant service. Therefore, you must get it done by a professional hair surgeon.