The 70 best punchlines about love

If you're looking to prove your love to someone, these beautiful rapper punchlines might come in handy. There are many ways to express, or want to express, our love for someone.


If you're looking to prove your love to someone, these beautiful rapper punchlines might come in handy. There are many ways to express, or want to express, our love for someone.

We have a lot of thoughts and emotions, but some of us sometimes have a hard time expressing them. So, using beautiful love quotes can be a great way to achieve this.I hope you would like to share Good morning images especially written for your life partner today. 

These 70 love punchlines can help anyone put their emotions into words. Be careful not to fall for the cliché, however, by only using love quotes.You may also love to read, best love shayari in english, for your girlfriend or wife. 

Make sure the person you're addressing likes the artist you plan to quote, otherwise you might get the opposite effect of what you want!

Here are the 70 most beautiful punchlines on the love of French rap.

  1. "Either it's love that makes you stupid, or it's just idiots who fall in love. "- Dosseh
  2. “They are afraid of a storm, but all dream of love at first sight. "- Tunisiano
  3. “I’m the one who will always love you unconditionally. Others will ask for dreams, sex, seille or just that you are available to them. "- Vald
  4. “I thought we were going to meet again, we never saw each other again, I never want to plan anything again because nothing ever goes as planned. "- Dinos
  5. "I don't beat the gos but when I meet one I hit her in the eye. "- Volts Face
  6. “That's it, it's summer, the go s'dessapent it's the festival. For your buddy you don't even move but for a pair of buttocks you go. "- Sexion d'Assaut
  7. “This is the story of a girl from the tess who has become fresh. Pretty face with an ebony complexion, Miss is beautiful. She makes me stupid. "- 4Keus
  8. "I'd rather get stung by a scorpion than by that fucking Cupid's son." "- Kaaris
  9. “Let's put away our vanities for the time of a song, the time to come together on a symphony of love. - Kery James
  10. "I'll tell you, there's the girl in this evening but I saw that you. "- Nekfeu
  11. "I'm losing my words I don't know what to do anymore you're too beautiful, you've made me crazy. "- Jul
  12. “I knew it was you from the start. When you are far from me, I find myself nowhere. "- Master Gims
  13. “I'm the ace of clubs that stings your heart, Caro. "- Mc Solaar
  14. “Seduction is an art that is passed down from father to son. "- Krisy
  15. “I want a simple, self-respecting woman, not super cute but super discreet. "- Kamelancian
  16. "Don't we know each other?" Of course, we've already seen each other somewhere. Do you want my number? "- Kaaris
  17. “Death is a shot, life is a shot. "- Seth Gueko
  18. “And when I saw her in the evening, I wanted her to the end of my life. "- Niska
  19. “I want your heart safe. I want all the codes. "- Booba
  20. "Man, it's in the head, not in the arms." Just as a woman's values ​​are in the heart, not in the sheets. "- Scred Connexion
  21. ”It starts with Romeo and Juliet. It ends with Jacquie and Michel. "- Damso
  22. “It seems that the secret to being happy is knowing how to be happy in secret. "- Dosseh
  23. “I was bad at math because when you love you never count. "- La Fouine
  24. “All those diamonds on me really shine a lot less than you. "- Hamza
  25. “Love and I make two. Good thing shouldn't be more. "- NKR
  26. “I no longer declare my love for fear of starting a fire. "- Volts Face
  27. “It is all well and good to love, but it is much better not to suffer. "- Shay
  28. "I'm there if it takes cash for both of us." "- Dadju
  29. “It is women who make us men. "- Medina
  30. “Women are from Venus. Men eat Mars. . "- MC Solar
  31. “Give me your hand, the movie will last a lifetime. "- Ninho
  32. “To love someone is to live with the fear of losing them. " - FA
  33. “The go is sweet. Nigga is raw. It will end up sticking because opposites attract. "- Bosh
  34. “Some will miss heaven because of a hell girl. "- Fababy
  35. “You can walk on my heart because my heart is at your feet. "- Sniper
  36. “My happiness is an empire of which you are the queen, where your smile has imposed its reign. "- Soprano
  37. “I am in love with a woman, she taught me to love. "- Leck
  38. “Be aware that the only way to be happy is to love to suffer. "- LaCraps
  39. “If I love you, I am jealous. When I love, I am jealous. "- Dadju
  40. "The days go by you are still in my thoughts, your smile does not stop haunting me, memories do not stop haunting me. "- Doxx
  41. “I dip my cookies in your tears. "- Kaaris
  42. “Your absence is the worst of all presences. "- Nekfeu
  43. “Love lasts only a time: the time that you lower your arms. "- Lord Esperanza
  44. “No river of tears can drown sorrow. "- Fababy
  45. “I believed in love but love did not respect me. "- Rohff
  46. ​​“I'm not waiting for love, my heart is dead baby. "- Soolking
  47. "Without faith or law, love kills us with blows of hatred, with blows of" I love you ". "- Oxmo Puccino and K-reen
  48. “I left my heart open, thinking you weren't going to steal anything. "- Booba
  49. “We have a one in two chance of getting the right one, or of being wrong… I got the right one, and I cheated on him. "- Black Kent
  50. “I gave you everything, apparently even the urge to leave me. "- Klub des Loosers
  51. “You lose a lot of money running after a woman, but you can also lose your wife running after money. "- Black M
  52. "But at night you are all mine, we can refuse you anything. I imagine us in the dark, or in the fire of a rocket. - Ash Kidd
  53. “Nothing surprises me anymore, I'm no longer naive enough to have a point of view. "- Orelsan
  54. “Recharge my batteries, I need your gaze. "- Lomepal
  55. "My feelings are frozen, slowed down, incomprehensible, a few more 'I love you' would have made me invincible, but your hatred for this world is stronger than your love for me. "- PNL
  56. “I believe that love is a disease, apart from time there is no cure. "- PLK
  57. "To forget you, I always inflicted more work on myself.

We wiped out our lives so suddenly

I feel like I miss your family more than you. "- Nekfeu

  1. "I'm just asking you to love me, a pirate's heart me, nobody who can slow us down, we will go there, and if one day I have the treasure I would put it around your neck, I love you madly, a little but not a lot… ”- Ninho
  2. “Being in a relationship only hurts when you stick to it. "- Nekfeu
  3. “Never without you, never without us, never, if I let you get away, I get away from the truth. "- Ninho
  4. “And when I want to forget you, you come back and declare your love to me; I'm proud but I know I misplaced my wife. "- Nekfeu
  5. “The day I speak of love, maybe I'll think it was worth it. "- PNL
  6. "I could love you all my life even if you hurt your head too much

It's like an illness without really knowing where it hurts. "- Ninho

  1. "She's beautiful, but she likes PNL too much, I will never be able to present my after-effects to her." "- PNL
  2. "And I don't even regret that we spent so many nights together

Even though our love was tinted with all kinds of dark shades. "- Nekfeu

  1. "I admit I played the stupid, locked up between four walls, 3 o'clock in the morning, I think about you. "- Ninho
  2. “You don't need a woman's arms, I don't know my mother's. No need to be loved actually, I just need you to get off my head. "- PNL
  3. “And your lover surprisingly is more magnetic than a loving husband. "- Nekfeu
  4. “Far from you of course I am sorry. This testimony is a handful of sand of which I have wept every grain. "- Oxmo Puccino
  5. "You are like a candle that you forgot to put out in an empty room, you shine surrounded by dark people wanting to blow you away. "- Oxmo Puccino

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